Loose hips sink goals…

Until I can balance on my right leg, I ain’t running..

My gosh! It’s almost the middle of February and I’ve yet to write a blog post in 2017!!! This post should do right in putting me back on track.

Things have certainly been crazy around here, the weather is heating up, work is busy and I’m now on the road to recovery from injury. The last time I left you I had been diagnosed with Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, causing numbness in my foot. I had an MRI to see what was going on and a date with an Orthopaedic Surgeon. Well, imagine my surprise when he said there was absolutely nothing wrong with my ankle/foot and I should go back to my Neurologist. The next day (and after a whole bunch of tears – happy not to have surgery, but defeated that once again I was back to square one) I paid a visit to my forward-thinking Neurologist put me in touch with a really awesome Physio, assuming that the way that I run was causing pressure on the nerve.

You know the saying loose lips sink ships? Well, in my case it could be loose hips sink goals. I was surprised to find out that the foot numbness, and other associated issues were a symptom of a far larger problem. I have an issue with my SI Joint where one side is hyperflexy.

The SI Joint… Thanks Wikipedia!

So what does this joint do? 

This joint acts as a shock absorption for the spine, is small and very strong, and it helps with stability during the push-off motion in walking and running. And since mine wasn’t working, it meant that I had zero muscle control on the right side. Yep, I ran all of my races for the past 3 years with no right leg muscle control and a dodgy pelvic joint 😂.

Also, this is why I couldn’t balance on my right side – now I don’t feel like such a yoga failure!

Right, so how to fix it? 

Here’s the fun stuff, I found out that I also have really bad posture, and have locked up my entire body not only when I stand, but when I run. So….. I’m focusing on strengthening my pelvis with the most seemingly basic exercises (engaging the core, tilting the pelvis) but are incredibly frustrating when you haven’t experienced this “normal” motion. I also wear an SI belt that gives the pelvis some compression (like what your muscles should be doing) and helping it become strong without hyperflexing out again.

This is to me what Obi Wan Kenobi was to Princess Leia – my only hope. 

So what kind of exercise have I been doing? Right now I’m barred from running, so my last run was 2 months ago at the Honolulu Marathon (and right now I think I’m losing my mind!!). I’m allowed to swim and cycle, so I’ve been smashing out the cardio on the stationary bike while singing along to the Hamilton soundtrack on my Aftershokz (seriously, I’m obsessed with these!!). I’m hoping to put myself in the best position when I start running again, rather than sit on the couch undertaking marathons of a different kind.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m super thankful that I’ve finally got an answer to all the craziness I’ve been experiencing for 3+ years (one of my impinged nerves was 6 years old!) but right now my 2017 race plans are up in the air. Realistically, I’ll run when I can (and make sure I’m 100%) but I’m also hoping I can run Chicago in October. Keeping those fingers crossed!!

Have you every had an injury that completely changed your year plans? How did you cope? 


3 thoughts on “Loose hips sink goals…

  1. Thanks for sharing your story! I’ve had chronic foot issues for the past 9 years and I just saw a new doctor that gave me an initial diagnosis of tarsal tunnel. Though I’m waiting on results of the neurography before I know more. I’m curious to exactly hear how your physio was able to determine it’s your SI joint causing the issue and how where and how your pain started. Does one of your posts cover that?

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    1. I definitely should write a post about that. I was lucky to see a physio that was very much skilled in working with back/hip/pelvis issues and he was able to pick it up straight away – especially since I had nerve impingements in my groin, and a pain in the glute as well. Good luck with your injury, 9 years of foot issues – wow!


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