It’s what’s underneath that counts! (Introducing Aerodaks)

Disclaimer: I’m the community manager for the BibRave Pro Ambassador group and Aerodaks enlisted in our Pros to review the product. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews! All views and opinions are mine.



I’m one of those annoying runners that everything needs to be incredibly comfy before I head out the door. And one of those things that I need is comfy undies. Yes. I run in undies. And it’s time we had an important talk about why it’s one of the most important pieces of gear you can have.

Did you know that you seep all sorts of bodily fluid when you run long distances? It’s kind gross to think about it, but makes sense. When your body is trying to sustain itself while your racking up those kilometres things can happen. And mix with sweat. It’s a fact that we as runners need to face. So I find it’s important to have the proper underwear in place that will wick the sweat (and whatever it’s mixed with) away.

A new kid on the block in the men’s underwear lineup is Aerodaks. A fellow Aussie company, these were created with the Ultra Trail Australia in mind, so you know they can go the distance! They’re made for runners by runners, which I think is SUPER cool!

Check out this awesome product video from Aerodaks:

Yep, these bad boys have a double layer of mesh, which not only keeps you dry but also keeps you secure which I think is a necessity when running (especially for the guys).

Look at them in all their meshy glory! Source:

I must admit, when the male BibRave Pros got to test these, I was a little bit jealous – I have often found here in AU it’s super hard to get athletic underwear with wicking material for women. I previously bought some from Oiselle but once they lived to see another day I had to make do with some that were “cheeky”. Seriously. Why do female stores think that women need to have Brazilian cut underwear when you want to be active?  I’m a massive disgusting ball of sweat when I work out and looking cute is the furthest thing on my mind. I even went into a well known underwear chain and was told that they didn’t know active undies were a “thing”. SIGH.

You don’t celebrate runs in any type of underwear!!

So I’m hanging out for when Aerodaks look at making women’s undies. It’s about time we got some comfy, moisture wicking, running focused ones!

If you’re keen to see how the fellow BibRave Pro’s liked the Aerodaks, you can check out their reviews here:

Amy (or in actual fact her husband)
Jeremy M


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