Get your swim (and run) on!

It’s been a little while….. but I’m still heading towards Honolulu!

Since I’ve been back running on my foot – I’ve been able to mix it up a little to avoid overdoing it but still keep up my marathon training. My awesome coach over at Sweat Tracker told me that I could swim or bike for 60 mins to replace a short mid-week run.

So I’ve been hitting the slow lane and powering through an hour of swimming. It definitely has a different feel to running, where I usually run to music I can’t swim with headphones in. So the first 300/400m is an absolute punish. Makes complete sense because the first 4km in my run is absolutely horrid! Once I hit that marker I feel like I can keep going and going and going. In fact, I’ve been getting further as the time goes on, starting at 1km, then tonight I hit 1.4km! Not to bad for a non-swimmer!

Getting out of the pool has me like this:


On the running side, I had my first AMAZING run in a long time (I think since at least July) and hit 21km in 94% humidity. Boy, it was hot! But really awesome training for Honolulu given that I’ve read it’s hot, humid and wet.


I was a little nervous since this was a long run after a couple of consecutive weeks of running – the last half I ran was after 5 weeks off, however thanks to my Garmin not recording the distance right in the first km I was able to peel the speed completely back and just enjoy the run. In fact, while the numbness returned at the 3km mark, the awful pain didn’t hit me until 15km – which I’m claiming as a win!

I’ve got just under 3 weeks left until I run Honolulu Marathon – and then I’m set to get my foot sorted. I’m looking forward to the break and most of all I’m looking forward to the thought of running pain (and numbness) free in 2017. In the meantime, I’m looking at the Honolulu Marathon for fun & to finish!



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