Running around the lake (Lake Macquarie Half Marathon Recap)


It’s actually been a week and a half since I ran this race but unfortunately I’m a little delayed with the race review! This race was one I had actually forgotten that I had signed up to, until I received the bib in the mail (thank gosh they mailed it out). Since I’m training for Honolulu, I decided that it would be great to run a race as part of my training miles and this was sort of local to me.

One thing that’s awesome about this course is that it’s completely flat – the maximum climb over the course was only 10m – but it was an out and back look, so 5.5km one way, run back and start the loop again. This meant passing the finish line 4 times before you got to run through it. That’s enough to seriously do your head in!

The course takes in the main road along Warner’s Bay up to Speer’s Point, and the road closures are as tight as it can be – so when I arrived the start line wasn’t yet set up, and that was with 40 mins until the start. Luckily the crew at the Lake Mac Running Festival completely have set-up down pat and the race started off without any issue. The day takes in a kids race, a 10.5km “fun run” and the half marathon. There’s plenty of drink stations set up (possibly the most I’ve seen in a half), even passing one at the 400m mark (because it’s about 11km when you’re going through the second time). The course is predominantly on the road but there was a little part where you crossed across a park.

As I ran past the finish line on the way back out again for the final lap I noticed the leaders were coming home quick. I was determined not to be lapped, so tried to bust a move so get past the finish. Unfortunately the winner passed over the finish line just a little ahead of me (only a couple of steps) – does this technically mean I was lapped??

The race itself wasn’t the best for me, I went out way too quickly too early and ended up dealing with a numb foot for the remainder. I was happy to just potter along and ended up being diverted onto the pedestrian path along the water edge when it was time to reopen the road – I was the first one diverted and had the choice to catch the people ahead of me or run on the path. Since the path had no water stops I was given a bottle of water which was great and I happily made my way down a much more scenic route. The funny thing is a whole lot of people must have slowed down and I made up 4 places! I rejoined the road at 1km to go and finished with a smile in 2:35.

I was happy with my time, and at the beginning of the year it would have been a PB. It was truly a training run and while the out-and-back twice was a little bit trying but on the upside I knew where the struggles were (and how long to the finish). Overall this is a fun half, it’s no frills and very community focused.




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