Channeling my inner Olympian!


I can’t help but be inspired by the awesome athletes competing in Rio, especially the amazing Aussies who are kicking butt over in the Athletics. So I figured I’d been taking my running a little on the easy side and it was time to take it up a notch. It just so happened that I was watching Michael Phelps win some umpteenth gold medal and I had to go out for my mid-week run.

Feeling like I had wings on my ankles and flew through my route, beating my time the week before by 5 mins (on the same route too)!!!! The next run I also went out and ran really well (makes up for the awful long run I’d do in the next couple of days). I didn’t get a gold medal but I certainly felt like a champ!!!

And with that, it was another run down and I’m now looking at week 7 in my Honolulu Marathon training. It’s my big event and I’m definitely pulling the inspiration from the amazing efforts this week in Rio to get me through the long run of 21kms for the end of the week! I’m also only 10 days away from my next half marathon, the Lake Macquarie Running Festival – it’s going to be my 5th half marathon for the year!!




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