Check yo hydration! (MeStrength Review)

This year has been a year of discovery. After taking the nutrition game a little more seriously at the end of last year, 2016 was going to be the year of running fuel exploration. One small step for me, meant one giant leap for runner me.

I began the tried and true form of testing, both pre and during run fuel and hydration. I was disappointed with the results – also coming to the fact that I may be SUPER picky when it comes to what I want to put into my system. It has to be natural and not incredibly sweet. I failed with Endura (seriously, I was tasting that peach flavour for weeks on end in my drink bottle) and Tailwind (a little too much on the sweet side for me).

So when it came to testing MeStrength I was intrigued. They are all natural and suitable for vegetarians/vegans. It does list stevia as an ingredient – which is something that I’ve generally kept clear of – but was happy to give it a try.

A bit more about MeStrength:

  • The product is made with 5 essential electrolytes – in fact, it’s the same level as what is in the blood. Basically any more electrolytes and you’re doing the opposite to what you’re intending by drinking the drink, not allowing adequate hydration of your body.
  • All the products are 100% bio-available, which means it can be completely absorbed by the body. It contains calcium (30 mg), potassium (30 mg), sodium (60 mg), magnesium (15 mg), and phosphorus (15 mg).
  • It does not contain any wheat or animal byproducts.

Sounds pretty cool huh??

Add to that it helps with muscle recovery thanks to the creatine, which is used by the body to create the chemical it needs to replenish the body, as well as limiting the lactic acid that’s created by the muscles with prolonged exercise.

So that’s all the crazy awesome technical stuff covered. With 5 flavour flaves to chose from, how did they stack up??

Orange – I was expecting super sweet but got tangy instead which was a nice surprise.

Lemon Lime – I’m drawn to anything with lime in it. If I could I’d be having lime flavoured everything all day. Which might make me turn into a lime if I was in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. This was also very tangy, a nice balance of lemon and lime. A definite winner.

Kiwi Strawberry – this is my second favourite flavour ever, which I solely blame Snapple for. And since Snapple is generally where I hold the bar I’ve been greatly disappointed in the past with other versions of the flavour. Not so with MeStrength, this was five YUMS up! Packed with flavour and not overloaded on sweetness, it’s the sort of drink that you’ll run further for.

Grape – Not so much a huge flavour here in Australia, think it’s more an American thing. I was instantly transformed back to my childhood eating grape sherbet when I took a swig of this! Another five YUMS up!!!

Fruit Punch – So I know that fruit punch typically means cherry, why don’t you guys just make it a cherry flavour??? I was extremely apprehensive on this one (fruit punch is definitely not a flavour here on these shores). True to form I could taste the cherry but it wasn’t overpowering, just a bit tart.

So MeStrength holds up in the flavour and it was refreshing to not be entirely sweet. I enjoyed watching the colour come out of the powder – thanks to the vegetable & fruit juice for colour (remember, no preservatives here!!).


How does it play out in the field? 

No issues! It’s always awesome when you find something that holds true to statement. Additionally, it gave me that little zing where it felt like I could keep going when I needed it the most. I absolutely love that feeling.

Post-run it’s important to make sure the fluids are up, replacing all that was lost. I’ve often found that I can drink a lake dry and still feel thirsty, so I’m incorporating these electrolytes into my post-run routine and feel so much better!!!

If you’re after something that will run the distance for you, you’ll be sadly disappointed. But if you’re after a great tasting hydration mix that will satisfy your thirst and replace your electrolytes then give MeStrength a go!


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