The goal race approaches!!!


I can’t believe I’m staring down my goal race, especially since I signed up a couple of days after I back from the January trip – July seemed so far away.

Enlisting in the help of Sweat Tracker – they’ve made me a far more confident (and faster) runner – was by far the best decision I have made, and I’m super excited at the thought of getting a marathon PR at the end of the year (especially since there’s no characters or roller coasters at this one!!!).


It was extremely hard to get the motivation this weekend, especially since it was the coldest weekend of the year. Little incentive to get up super early! Luckily I decided to run at the warmest part of the day, to make sure all the limbs are moving 😂 – but the flipside to that is you spend so many hours deciding that you don’t want to do it.

As the last long run before this weekend’s half I decided to be a smart runner (maybe something that I should have been doing a long time ago). I’m hoping to hit a 2:35, which equates to a 7:20/km. This is not what I ran at the Bay to Bay Half, rather I started out about a minute faster and paid for it in the end.

So the game plan was to run the first 7k at 7:20, then the next 6k at 7:10ish and you know what?? I had a much more enjoyable and solid run. I felt like I could run forever. It may not be the fastest (hey, I’m working on it), but being smarter will help me get that PR. I know that’s what my coach has been saying but understanding it and actually being able to control yourself and apply it are two different scenarios!!!

So the gameplan is to run my own race come Sunday, and not get caught up in the bullrush at the beginning of the race!!!! After so many months, I finally feel confident to go after my newly minted half PR and get the time that I originally was aiming for!!!


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