Thoughts on Half Marathon Eve


Sitting here on Half Marathon eve I’ve got all these crazy thoughts running through my head. While my training has been relatively solid (with the exclusion of a wild weather weekend), doubt still creeps in.

This morning I moved the legs over with the weekly run at parkrun, and felt really good – putting in a solid time – but not enjoying the rain AT ALL. If that’s as much as it will rain tomorrow, I’ll be happy but there’s actual weather warnings saying to ‘stay indoors’ due to the crazy weather that’s meant to hit tomorrow (please, please, please hit after 10am).

Really, this is the biggest concern I have, after running that 10K in the rain at WDW and being absolutely miserable, I don’t know how I’ll cope with running the 21K in not nice conditions.

Am I mentally backing out of this?? I’m not too sure, but I am mindful of my goal race in 2 weeks which is the Gold Coast Half Marathon… But what I do know is that I’ve trained for this, and am looking forward to completing my third half marathon of the year – geez, those runDisney races feel like forever ago!!! I CAN DO THIS!!!

For the weather – well, we’ll just have to see how that plays out in the morning…



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