Auckland Half Marathon, I’m coming for you!!!

Auckland Sky Tower, when you’re 21.1km away it’s a good point to focus!

I’ve gone and done it again. I’ve signed up for another race. This time in New Zealand.

It was a wild and wet weekend, in fact so bad that everyone was advised to stay indoors and if you did go out, you really wouldn’t have gotten very far – we were all flooded in. So it was just milling about on the computer when an ad for the Auckland Marathon popped up in my Facebook news feed (thanks a lot targeted ads – you worked 😂)..

I’ve looked at the Auckland Marathon weekend previously and had it on my list, however it’s one that continuously sells out by the time I look at it. As fate would have it, entries had just opened and I did have a stack of Air NZ frequent flyer points from my time where I was traveling across the Tasman almost fortnightly.

So I entered. Not the full, just the half. But not before a desperate showing of lack of confidence in myself – I checked last year’s results to see what times the slowest half marathon runners completed it in (the answer is 4 hours).

So now I’m armed with a ticket to Auckland, NZ and an entry into the race. I feel that I haven’t had my feet on the ground of the long white cloud for a very long time (at least a year), so I’m looking forward to the 21.1km run around Auckland!

Before this year I had only participated in 3 half marathons. I’ve already completed 2 half’s & 1 full this year- with now another 3 half races and 1 marathon on my schedule. It’s definitely the year of the destination race!

Have you decided to do a destination race on the fly??


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