I can with the Gen UCan! (Review)


Disclaimer: I received the Generation UCan product to review as part of being a BibRave Pro Ambassador. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews! While the opportunity came my way thanks to the awesome group, all views and opinions are mine.

I’m not much of a pre-run nutrition nut. My normal routine consists of honey on toast and then I head out. So I naturally was curious when it came to Generation UCan, a super starch that ensures your blood sugar levels remain level as you take on your activity.

One of the barriers that I have to generally any sort of nutritional drink that’s not an electrolyte mix on the run, is the consistency and feel as it goes down. I don’t want to bring on the gagging reflex!!!

You must use a shaker with Generation UCan, otherwise you’ll end up with bubble pockets of powder which is both not a good use of your powder and not a nice way to experience the mix!

I was pleasantly surprised by how thin the consistency was when it came to drinking, I was expecting it to be thickish so when it was just the same as water I was cheering! We’re off to a good start!


Onto the important stuff….

My first experience was with the  Cran/Razz flavour which I noticed was sweet. I’m actually going through a change in personal tastes away from sweet (I know, what would the me of 5 years ago be thinking???) so I did find the taste overpowers in sweetness, but I’m sure to everyone else it’s fine. The flavour itself was nice, and it’s something that you can actually go back and drink more of. There was a slight chalky taste to the powder, which I put down to not being familiar with these sorts of products.


The Tropical Orange flavour tastes like Orange candy, which again was quite sweet; while the Lemonade flavour was more my style, a little less sweet and even had a touch of the sour to it (YUMMMM!!!). As of right now I’m still building up to the Cinnamon flavour – it’s not really a taste that’s on the Australian palate!!

The powder is actually really quite soft, similar to icing sugar – but without the nasty’s of  sugar..

Does it work??
You know what, I was amazed at how full Generation UCan makes you feel! I play volleyball on Tuesday nights and often have 10 minutes at home to get changed after work before heading out again. Normally I end up snacking on pure sugar thanks to the candy that’s on offer at the courts, but this time I was able to put Generation UCan to good use. In this case I was already hungry, and needing energy for the game. A lot quick drink and I felt full and was able to play the entire 40 minute game without any further thought of hunger or feeling flat. My mind was actually blown by how well I felt when generally it’s a bit of a stretch physically and mentally when you’re playing tired and hangry!

Running is a little different in the sense that I’m not waking up starving, so using the Generation UCan is purely to avoid bonking and maintaining a good release of energy for the run ahead. I found that it’s a great base to start your run on, and have read many reviews of people taking it before their run, and then use it during their run.


The tip is to have it 20-30 minutes before exercise. I did test it a couple of times with levels of mixing it with water to get the desired taste that I wanted. I did see on social media recently that you can create your own gels using UCan, just mix it with less water.

Additionally Gen UCan is also GI friendly which means that you won’t need to rush off to the bathroom when you least expect it! The aim is to cut your sugar intake around your activity, so you are burning more fat.

Overall thoughts…
I was pleasantly surprised with Generation UCan, it definitely works for the better in filling you up and providing the necessary energy to get through a workout. Taste wise, I think I’d stick with the Lemonade since I personally didn’t find it as sweet as the others. Since I’m not coordinated enough to eat gels and run at the same time, I’d hold off creating gels using the powder, but it’s awesome to know that’s an option.

If you’re customed to using these sorts of products, definitely try Generation Ucan, however if you’re new to the scene (like me), the best tip I can give you is to start small and incorporate where you can to get used to the flavour and consistency.

Use code “BIBRAVE” for 15% off all UCAN products. Expires 30 June, 2016.

What does your pre-run nutrition look like? Do you use products like Gen UCan or are you more into the toast?



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