Battling the 19k


What an amazing weekend! The weather took a dramatic turn towards cold this week, which means it’s prime running weather.

With 3 weeks until my first half marathon since January (and back from injury) and 5 weeks until my goal half (hoping for a big PR at that one) I went into this week’s 19k a little bit nervous and a little bit excited. The team at Sweat Tracker are awesome in the sense that they send you your weekly training schedule as well as sending daily reminders, so this 19k has been on my mind all week.

Last week’s 17k was a little different where I took to the trail, and hence ran a little slower due to the nature of the trail however this week I was running a tried and tested route, which I had ran over varying distances including 19k while training for Dopey in Nov.

I’ve been finding that I’m battling my brain a couple of times on these long runs, I struggle for the first 4k and then seem to be OK after that. On this run I did go ahead and battle with myself at the beginning and then really struggled through the 14/15k mark.


One thing that is totally bad to do, and what I do often is count down as I pass the kilometres. This is not an awesome way to get through your run. So I’ve found a middle in counting down until my next food break, roughly breaking down into 4k segments.

So after what I thought was a crazy battle of the mind run, I ended up with a PR over that distance!! I’m talking about an 8min best over the same course from November last year! Woo-hoo!! While the struggle was real during the run, it was quickly replaced knowing that I’m on my way to a (race) half PR in a couple of weeks.

How did your run go this past weekend??


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