xx2i Hawaii1 Sunnies Review


Disclaimer: I received the xx2i Hawaii 1 Sunnies to review as part of being a BibRave Pro Ambassador. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews! While the opportunity came my way thanks to the awesome group, all views and opinions are mine.

I’m an avid sunnies wearer. I can’t go on a run without them. However I’m extremely particular and find that if they irritate me a little, then it’s out of my gear rotation. Earlier in the year I was lucky to try the USA 1 sunnies from xx2i and they quickly became my favourite pair of sunglasses. I wore them everywhere. So when the team at xx2i offered the chance to test the Hawaii 1 glasses I jumped!! Add to the fact that I thought I needed to have these since I’m running the Honolulu Marathon at the end of the year and since these were called Hawaii then it’s a must have right??

I was a little worried just before they arrived, I have previously had glasses that didn’t have a bottom rim and felt that they made me look to super serious without being a super fast runner. But in this case, I don’t think they make me look super serious at all, they fit around the face and don’t overpower it.


You can see these are very similar to the USA 1 in regards to the nose portion of the glasses. These nose pads are extremely flexible, you can widen or push in to make smaller. The pads themselves don’t pinch the nose, in fact – you can barely feel them with the Hawaii 1. The arms of the glasses are thin, are a black finish and in keeping with the theme of the glasses are incredibly light on. There’s no rubbing or unnecessary heaviness on your ears.

The big selling point is that these glasses are made with carbon fibre (yep, the stuff they also make bikes out of)  so they are super light. And I totally back this up. You really don’t feel like your wearing anything. And the way the nose pad is constructed, the glasses sit well off your face, it’s quite easy to forget that they are there!


The lenses themselves are the polarised 8k lenses, which ensure clarity and protection  – the lenses I had were polar grey, so they aren’t as blue as the blue flash that I had on the USA 1’s (where I could see awesome blue sparkles when looking at the sun reflection off surfaces). The lens is comfortable and of course, doesn’t fog up.

The Hawaii 1 glasses have restored my faith in glasses without a bottom rim, they are well fitted, and don’t feel clunky like some others. Available on xx2i’s website NOW in three colours – black, tortoise shell and of course white, for only $124.99 (see how affordable xx2i is?? No crazy amounts for glasses). Also as a reader of my blog you can save 50% off your xx2i purchase using code “XX2iRocks” (for a limited time). See, you can save even more for an awesome pair of sunnies!


I definitely will be running (and volunteering) in these as the year goes on, and even plan to run Honolulu in them (because….. Hawaii). The team at xx2i have definitely put a lot of consideration into comfort in these glasses and it’s completely pulled off.

Overall: An amazingly comfortable pair of glasses that you can run kilometres (or miles in).




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