Becoming a certified running coach!


It was almost two weeks ago that I ventured down to the Sydney Olympic Athletic Centre with the hope of passing the required tests to become a  Level 1 Community Athletics Coach – and after an incredibly long day of all things run/jump/throw (as well as focusing on how to engage participants into long term participation & how to coach skills to beginner athletes) I’m happy to say that I passed and am now an accredited running coach.

This is only another step in my lifelong love affair with athletics, spending most of my time as a kid training and running on the track (and experiencing coaching in that sense), and then finally picking it back up again (and completely falling in love with endurance running) a couple of years ago. Not only do I love participating but I also love encouraging those to do their best. This way I can directly help others achieve their goals.

I’m definitely excited about this next step in my support of the sport, and with The Entrance parkrun launching this weekend it’s an awesome time in my local area to get out and get involved.



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