Experiencing that runDisney FOMO


Last year I had all the registration dates circled in the calendar -the Disneyland Half, the WDW Marathon Weekend and the Star Wars Half. While I have AMAZING memories from all three (although the Dopey brain barely remembers WDW), I can’t help but feel a little FOMO while the registration process continues, and races play out, for the remainder of the year/beginning of 2017.

I know, I know, there’s a whole lot of other races on the calendar like Honolulu Marathon and I’ve just put in for the London Marathon ballot, however there’s just something about running at Disney that tugs at the heart strings.


I suppose it’s the amazing pictures of character stops, and then park time on social media that makes me miss it the most – I’m certainly not missing the cost – as well as looking forward to hitting those big challenges like Dumbo, Rebel and Dopey.

From the past weekend I envied those who ran at Disneyland for the Tinkerbell Half. Now I’m not a massive Tinkerbell fan, but I was ready to don a pair of wings and pom poms on my shoes just to get a piece of the action. Was I ever interested in that race?? Nope, but the 5K does have a unique start in the park – what other race does that?? Oh and if I’d do the 5K, I may as well sign up for the rest right?? (See how it gets you!!!)


For the past 2 years runDisney has been my focus, the end posts to my milestone goals and I’ve put myself on a hiatus. I do have other races on my list and want to cross those off, while the runDisney craze continues. So for the meantime I’ll get my fix by liking everyone’s pictures on facebook!

Do you have FOMO around a particular race?




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