Frustration and exhilaration


I’m three weeks into my new job, and I’m eight weeks out from the Gold Coast Half Marathon (even less for the Bay to Bay Half); yet I’m incredibly frustrated and exhilarated at the same time. How is this so? Well, I’m still battling getting those mid-week runs in. I did run on Wednesday night – taking Tuesdays run a day later – and found that it was an incredibly sluggish run, I didn’t get into it until about 5K into a 7K run and was constantly worried about safety (yep, I’m still sorting out being well-lit up). On top of that, I run to also clear my mind and relax, so stressing out about when I can fit this in is making the whole thing not enjoyable whatsoever.

Skip forward to Saturday which I made up for Thursday’s run by incorporating my local parkrun + 1K and it was like I was a whole other runner! My pace was 30secs – 1minute faster than Wednesday, so much that I even achieved a parkrun PR (without even going for it). It was exhilarating!


Then on my longish run – my first time hitting over 10K since my injury – I maintained a consistent pace and really found my feet. Coming off the high from Saturday, hitting that 11K mark, with sometime left up my sleeve to hit the half marathon distance – I am feeling extremely positive that I’m going to at least get back into the form that I was at the beginning of the year (maybe a little bit faster).


So begins a new week and a new battle, how to maintain the elation from this past weekends runs throughout the week without losing the spark and also not become a big stress head when I can’t run as planned. I guess this is a journey that I’m still working up to but while I’m ok right now, I’m thinking ahead to when I’m marathon training in the second half of the year – that’s a whole lot more dedication and time required, hopefully the cards will be stacked my way then!


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