Kalakaua Merrie Mile – It’s going to be a 1.6km EPIC party!

2016 Kalakaua Merrie Mile logo

Disclaimer: I am receiving entry to the Honolulu Marathon as part of being a BibRave Pro Ambassador. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews! While the opportunity came my way thanks to the awesome group, all views and opinions are mine.

Given that traveling to Hawaii for a marathon is sort of a big deal, what’s awesome in 2016 is that the Honolulu Marathon Association are staging a One Miler the Saturday before the big run. What a fantastic way to shake out those legs from the plane, making your way down Waikiki’s main street in a fun, party like atmosphere!!

2015 Honolulu Marathon runners head past Waikiki’s historic Moana Surfrider Hotel. December 13, 2015. photo by Cory Lum/Getty Images for HONOLULU MARATHON

The Kalakaua Merrie Mile is named after King Kalakaua, who was also known as the Merrie Monarch. The name was inspired by the King’s love of music, parties and food; but he is best known for bringing back Hawaiian cultural practices and traditions to the Hawaiian people.

What is great about the race itself is that it’s set up for anyone to run, waves are designated by the estimated time that you’ll finish – so use it as a warm up for the 42.2km adventure that lies ahead, or run with your family & friends in a merry atmosphere and celebrate with the inaugural Kalakaua Merrie Mile post-run Waikiki beach party .

I’m all signed up for the Kalakaua Merrie Mile – and am excited to get out there on December 10 to test my legs out on the Waikiki roads. There isn’t a course listed just yet but I’m already wondering where on Kalakaua Ave the race is going to take part. There are some really amazing locations on Kalakaua Avenue – check out my past post about locations that are on the marathon course.

I’ve actually submitted an estimated time on the comfortable side, I’m not out to break any records (not that I could anyway) but figured with the marathon the next day it’s best to just chill out and enjoy, and then enjoy the festivities afterwards!!

The Kalakaua Merrie Mile is only $38USD but spots are extremely limited. I believe that they’ve released the last spots about a month ago so get in while you can! It is the inaugural event so you’ll get a first edition bib, a commemorative race shirt and an awesome medal (as well as the party).


**ALSO!!** If you’re interested in running the marathon, you can save $50 off your Honolulu Marathon entry using the code “BIBRAVE”. Sign up now and join me on the start line in December!


5 thoughts on “Kalakaua Merrie Mile – It’s going to be a 1.6km EPIC party!

  1. I just registered for the Honolulu Marathon! I used the BIBRAVE code to save $50, so thank you for that, Erin! I’m deciding on the merrie mile. There isn’t much information available on the merrie mile, including the start time! I’ll be headed to Honolulu a month after the Disney wine and dine half marathon weekend.

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  2. Yes, I’m doing the Lumiere’s two course challenge! Since it’s food-based, I kind of wish they made it a three course meal by adding the 5k! By coincidence, I’ll be there in time to attend the last Halloween party and the first Christmas party in the same trip.

    I didn’t know about the shakeout run in Honolulu. I actually signed up for the marathon impulsively because of an airline seat sale, so I need to alter my training to accommodate a marathon now. It’s my first trip to Hawaii, so I’m cramming as much info as I can to plan a trip. I did buy a ticket to the carb loading luau on Friday night. I’m slightly confused about the date for the shakeout run. When I clicked on the link, it says the run is on Thursday at 8:00 AEDT. Wouldn’t that make it Wednesday in Honolulu?

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    1. So sorry for the confusion! I’m in AU and I thought I had set it for HNL time but obviously it didn’t work. Thanks for letting me know – it’s fixed now! It’s definitely the 9th! 🙂


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