Running into a new schedule..



I’m breaking the 5 day silence here, I feel that (amongst other things) my lack of posts are due to the complete change in my life in that I have a new job (YAY!!). Just to recap – late last year my position was made redundant from the job I had for the past 3 years. While it wasn’t the best thing to happen just before Christmas and the WDW Marathon/Star Wars Weekend adventure, it did and I just had to make the best of a bad situation. Skip forward to now and I’m lucky to have found a really awesome position, which requires me to travel daily.

So where does the running fit in??? I know, I just started to get back into an awesome rhythm thanks to a 10K that totally gave me the feels on the weekend. And on top of that I’ve had no foot pain. Which in my books are total wins. But right now this week seems a bit all over the place while I get used to the new routine, I’ll have to be taking my weekdays runs where I can, which looks to include night running. I’m not a huge night runner but I did invest in a headlamp when I was undertaking marathon training for those early mornings. But I feel this isn’t enough to make drivers aware of where I am. I want to be lit up like a Christmas tree! I’m an avid believer of safety first so my objective is to be as seen as possible – there’s no way I can hide away from drivers on the road.


So while I’m keen to make my running fit into my new schedule, I’m also aware that I need to ensure I’m doing it as safe as possible. It may even be possible that night running isn’t for me.

Right now I need your help, all those night runners out there please send me your tips on night running! 


2 thoughts on “Running into a new schedule..

  1. In Alaska all we have is night running in the winter! 🙂 It helped me to find a buddy or running group to run with at night so that I wasn’t alone. I also wore my headlamp and some little blinking Nathan lights and arm bands to help keep me visible. I ran on trails that weren’t along the roads so I wouldn’t have to worry about cars, just bikes. Good luck and have fun!

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