The drop issue


Over the course of the couple of years running I’ve had some crazy issues with my feet. From the beginning of shin splints – which I ended up in orthotics, to numbness in the feet – which led me to throw away the orthotics, to then changing my strike and running in zero drop; I now find myself once again looking for a new favourite pair of running shoes.

I originally started out running in a pair of men’s Reebok (I know, I know) but quickly found favour with the NB W890 range (9mm drop). Once it was discovered about my numbness & fondness to run on my heels I had to change to a lighter and less heel favoured shoe.

So the past year I had been running in a pair of Altra Zero Drop Intuition 1.5; these are what I wore training and running in my marathon. All was ok until my 20 miler when I started to develop pain in the heel/underneath which I battled through till January with.

So when it came to new shoes I naturally went with Altra again and purchase a pair of The Ones. These were lighter, and I felt faster. However my niggly pain didn’t go away and led me to issues where a 4th metatarsal stress fracture was considered. I also noticed that these were slightly bigger than my previous size 9 NB’s – the website states that you should go up but I think these were too big for me. I am such a fan of the Altra shoes but it looks like these aren’t the shoes for me. They did me well in changing my running style, and not to be able to run on my heel but the time has come to change.



The only way I’ve been getting back into running is to return to my trusty NB W890s while I await a pair of new running shoes. These are definitely heavier than my previous Altra’s and I feel that my time’s aren’t as super quick purely because I’m lugging these bad boys around. Additionally, I’ve had these for 2 years as on/off running/walking/everyday galavanting shoes so really these shoes are long by their used by date. I’m also aware of how big of a drop they are compared to what I was used to.

While most runners take time to get into minimalist running, I’m struggling getting back from it. I long for the weightlessness on what’s on my feet and that connection you have with the ground you’re running on. I’ve been trying to find a solution that will give me what I want in a shoe, plus give me what I need.

So it was pretty funny that my fellow BibRave Pro’s have been reviewing the On Cloudsurfers – an opportunity that I initially passed up since I only ran in zero drop; and the discussion came up with my PT about needing to change to a larger drop – which these shoes were mentioned. I immediately looked to the reviews and these shoes (that I barely had heard of) showed to be minimalist while keeping a 7mm drop and providing the cushion you need for a long run. So I’m giving them a go.

I’m hoping for a shoe that works wonders and makes my feet feel amazing in the long run (pun totally intended). Will this be the shoe? Time will only tell.

Have you ever gone from minimalist/zero drop back to regular shoes? Any advice? 


3 thoughts on “The drop issue

  1. I’m not a zero drop girl, but fell for the opposite with the Hoka One One’s. And went right back to “regular” running shoes with a new pair of Asics Cumulus faster than you could blink. You never know what’s going to work, or not work for you, until you give them a shot. Thank goodness for liberal return policies!

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    1. I haven’t tried Hoka’s but I know so many people love them. Interesting that you went back to regular running shoes! That’s true, I’m definitely keen to give these new shoes a go!

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