Pushing the comfort zone


I’ve officially been cleared to start running again! Luckily I’m able to look at small milage before getting back into my Sweat Tracker program for the Gold Coast Half/ Bay to Bay Half. It’s only 10 weeks until the first race!!

This week I thought I’d push the comfort zone, there’s nothing I like better than seeing what sort of activity (or physical torture) I can put up with. After all, I did do the Dopey Challenge incorporating my first marathon.


Trying the trails

I’m lucky enough to live in an area where the beach and trails aren’t too far away from my doorstep, so what better way to get back into running than trying a trail? The first run was only 4.45km however I felt like it was a 10K due to the moderate grade the trail was given, and steady incline in the first half of my run. Needless to say I was happy when I finally got to the top of the lookout.

The one thing I noticed when it comes to trail running over road running is that you have to pay much more attention to where you are placing your feet, especially on the downhill. One wrong move and you could be falling over due to an unstable rock or tree root.


So how did it feel overall? Apart from some of the trails being a “choose your own adventure” (so really, you’re not getting the correct distance that they have listed on the posted signs), it was completely enjoyable, even when you had to walk and breathe deeply to get the air back in your lungs!

I loved it so much that I went back for a second time to get a complete 5K in. The second time was more of a shakeout of the legs post-crossfit class. Talk about a challenge! The first step felt like I was running on dead legs and I had 4.99K to go. This was the same route as what I did a couple of days earlier, but I was moving much, much slower!


First cross-fit class….. EEEK!!!

One of my 2016 goals is to become a stronger all-round runner, so I thought I’d take the chance to get some strength happening by trialling a local cross-fit gym that happens to be around the corner from me. Given it was the beginning of the week, the focus was as many reps as possible (ahh, so that’s what AMWRAP means!) with three WODs of 8mins each. It was a bit daunting, especially that you essentially have to learn another language to figure out what’s going on!!

In classic Erin fashion, I tripped over the barbell and slammed by shin right at the beginning of the first 8 minute WOD. Whoops! There was no time to cry over a bruised shin, I had to get back into those burpees (joy!).

I can honestly say I have never felt like I wanted to die/throw up/pass out at the same time before but there’s a first time for anything! It was only 24 minutes, but those were looooong minutes. I was actually surprised at how I felt the next day (not too bad) and so I went to shake the legs out on a trail which proved to be a little on the slow side.


Climbing great heights

I have written about my fear of heights and the effort to conquer them in a previous post however I can happily say that I’m well on my way to feeling extremely comfortable climbing, and coming down, no sweat! It’s taken some time, and I must admit that some days are better than others however there’s no better way to overcome rather than to face the challenge head on! I have been climbing twice in the past week, it’s a great way to work the muscles in a completely different scenario.

I must say that, at first, I was intrigued about climbing, then did it to overcome the fears that I had surrounding heights & falling; I’ve become such a fan of climbing and the thought process that goes with finding the best route up. I was lucky that one of the instructors was able to help out and give me some tips around the best way to climb, and to slow it down. I’m looking forward to a more traditional climbing gym opening up in the same location so I can learn how to properly climb. I’m not sure if I’ll go out into the wilds to climb (baby steps first), but will happily do it in a gym scenario.


It’s always fun trying new things, especially when you find out that you really enjoy them. I’m keen to keep pushing the comfort zone in these areas, life is definitely not about being complacent but to keep extending and growing!

Have you tried something out of your comfort zone? 



2 thoughts on “Pushing the comfort zone

  1. I love this! I’m all about pushing my comfort zone, which is how I ended up signing up for a triathlon without having any experience with swimming or biking! It’s fun to try new things and see what things you never realized you liked to do!

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