Surviving the injury scare


The last 4 weeks have been stagnant. And that’s frustrating. You see, I was moving along on my mid-week 10K run and felt a strange pain around my 4th metatarsal around kilometre 4. And it didn’t go away. I made it to the 8K mark and realised that I couldn’t really put any weight on it. With 2K between me and home base, it was pure grit that got me through.

I immediately knew something was wrong, and luckily my physio is on speed dial and I bombarded her with about a zillion questions. The result was a suspected stress fracture or stress reaction, no weight bearing for a week and we’ll see how it goes. As luck would have it (which is none in this case) I didn’t improve in the week so we were treating it as a stress fracture. Sad face ensured. The one saving grace that I had was I was super early with my half marathon training – the first one isn’t until June end so I had a few weeks up my sleeve.

Skip forward a few weeks walking around in a boot (and still awaiting an MRI – those things are booked out weeks and weeks in advance) and my foot is feeling 100% better. There’s no pain at all when I walk and I may have ran 10 metres along the beach to see how it held up.

Nothing to see here!!


The one thing that I’ve taken away from my running journey is that you need to listen to those around you when it comes to these injuries. Normally I just push through and end up making it 1000 times worse than what it originally was. I’m thankful that I have an awesome physio  – Kirrily at Physiozest –  who was happy to put up with my enormous amount of questions and concerning texts; and  coach – Coach Val over at Sweat Tracker – who was able to hold off my training plan a couple of weeks and continuously reached out to see how I was.

While I don’t have pain I’m waiting to get the all clear which hopefully shouldn’t be too long away. I look forward to getting out there and losing myself in the run… 4 weeks is too long!!


3 thoughts on “Surviving the injury scare

  1. I’m so glad you’re feeling almost back to normal! My injury has gone on waaaaaaay too long and I should have just listened to my body and other people when they told me to slow down and run less races last fall. I hope you get cleared to run again asap!

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    1. Oh no! I’m sorry to hear you’re injury is still causing trouble. Trust me when I say that it’s been a long time coming when I’ve finally listened to those around me! I’ve had too many silly injuries where I didn’t listen! Wishing you well on your recovery!


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