Getting the running fix


So it’s a bit of a short one today…… Truth is, I’ve been out of the game for the past couple of weeks. Unfortunately I experienced a whole lot of pain in the foot that didn’t seem to go away and ended up on forced rest (and at times a boot).. so this isn’t the best way to be preparing for the Autumn/Winter races that I have booked!!

So while I’m dreaming of running I’ve turned to running podcasts. I know, I know – I’m a little late on the scene. But truth is that the small amount of podcasts I’ve listened to I have ♥’d them. It also helps pass the time when I’ve been travelling to and from job interviews the past couple of weeks.

I’m now an avid subscriber to and Ginger Runner Live. I’ve found both of these podcasts to be extremely entertaining and educational – even finding some advice which I can use when I get back out there. I’ve been introduced to runners who I have never heard of before, in races that I didn’t know existed. I love hearing from the professionals and from the amateurs – what mindset they have when the going gets tough and in some way it’s completely relatable since I’ve experienced the same thoughts; even though I run a couple more minutes slower per kilometre then the subject topic.

So now I’m looking for other podcasts – whether it be running or awesome adventuring – and I’m putting the call out. So come at me…… what podcasts can I add to my list??



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