Nike Women Victory Tour – NTC Sydney


After sitting out last year’s Nike event since it transferred over to a NTC focus rather than the run of 2012 – 2014 I decided that 2016 was the year to rejoin the festivities, especially since it was part of the global Nike Women Victory Tour.

Registration opened in January, with 2500 spots available and there was a selection of different activities – Run, Boxing, Circuit, Dance, Pilates & Spin. The idea was to choose 3 (combinations were already created) which would be the basis for your schedule on the day.

Communication leading up to the event was great – there was a set of emails coming out about 2 weeks prior to the event, right up to the day before detailing what to expect on the day. Also the event kit was sent out which contained the event day tank that you were expected to wear on the day. These had really cute sayings like “Sweaty Hair, Don’t Care” and “Burn Burpee Burn”.


The Sydney location couldn’t have been better, right on the harbour on the most gorgeous day of the year (not too hot but still sunny). Unfortunately a lot of it was on docks and parkland so as much as they tried to keep people separated, the use of wristbands ensured that the areas which provided bonus activities like the nail wraps & hair braiding were only available to those who paid to attend the NTC event.

Check-in for NTC Tour Sydney

We were told to check in by about 11am, with the Open Workout to begin at 11:20. There was what looked like an enormous line but it quickly moved through and I was able to collect my wristband, which included my workout group times & my prepaid lunch sticker.

Wristband detailing the itinerary for Group D.

So unfortunately for me I have a newly formed stress fracture in my foot so was unable to partake in any of the workouts. I did go along since medical refunds (minus $40 for the tank) had a deadline of Feb 19 so I was going to be losing out on my money. With the additional activities I thought it would be good to go along and enjoy the festivities for an hour, or until the boot tired me out.

Note: I’ve never had any prior experience with NTC events, or classes. When I watched the opening workout I was blown away. These trainers are incredible – the right amount of pep and encouragement without it looking like they’re puffed out! The Opening Workout was actually streamed to the Melbourne & Auckland locations as well as to those at home.

Getting ready for the Opening Group Workout

As I mentioned, all the stations were set up outside – so sunscreen was a must! If you didn’t bring any one of the sponsors was on hand to help. At the event village there was a retail location set up as well as a sneaker studio selling the fancy street footwear and if you purchased on the day, you received some additional bonus NTC Tour Sydney shoe jewellery. Additionally there were product handouts of Maple Water (seriously did not know this was a thing, but it’s incredibly delicious!) and Protein Balls.

The Spin Station

The lines were the longest for the hair braiding, but there were also event temporary tattoos and Jamberry nails on offer. Around the event village there were gif creators, which I hadn’t seen before and were definitely something unique to share around.

Nails – check. Tattoos – check. 

As I mentioned, I was unable to undergo the workouts, but they looked like they were of varying difficulty but a whole lot of fun. Everyone looked like they were enjoying themselves without too much pain on their faces.

Each session was allocated 45mins, with a half hour transition period to the next one. Each group did get a “rest” session which they could experience the event village & get some food from the healthy (and delicious) food truck options available.

#1 NTC Tour Spectator!! 

I’ve estimated about 300 people per group – there were 9 groups all up rotating around the location, including the pilates session on a boat going past Sydney’s most famous landmarks – so the groups weren’t too overly big to be too intrusive. The focus was really to be able to see the trainers from every part of the station, and they were incredibly successful at this.

While I left a early, those who managed to go the 5+ hours of working out enjoyed a group closing workout/dance and a gift of congratulations which seemed to be a NTC pendant on a bracelet.

While I certainly do miss the Nike Run event of a few years past, I’m so glad they provided a run option at this NTC Tour stop. The added activities are so awesome, and the overall atmosphere was incredible. Hopefully next year I’ll be able to complete the workouts!!



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