Why running for charity rocks!!


What’s one way to celebrate hitting a milestone race or crossing that must-have event off your bucket-list? Running for charity of course!

For my first half I was able to connect with local charity The Cancer Council and hit a $350 goal. When I decided to run the marathon, I wanted to do something bigger and badder so I decided that I was going to run the Star Wars Half Marathon entirely for charity. Yep, all three races. Luckily the runDisney website has a listing of charities and I found my way to Team Muscle Makers for UCMD. This is a great charity raising money for Ullrich Congenital Muscular Dystrophy – which goes to help fund a state of the art muscle disease clinic at Rady Children’s Hospital.

I am so proud that I managed to raise the $1125 needed to run the 5K and Rebel Challenge and earn my runDisney Coast to Coast medal (running both coasts in the same calendar year). While a lot of folks seem to worry about fundraising, here’s why running for charity rocks!

  • Running as a team: I’m a solo runner so the value that I got running under the charity was huge – having fellow team members and supporters cheering you on (and cheering them on too) will definitely lift up the spirits mid-race! The charity will typically supply you with a team shirt to be able to pick out fellow team members mid-race.1451392_10151746216936437_1332799614_n
  • Your money is needed, and it’s appreciated: The money that you were going to spend on entry is part-way to the fundraising goal, and the extra raised is definitely well-appreciated by the charity you are fundraising for. It’s always good to see where your money is going, check out the charity you are going to raise money for and see where the dollars are spent.
  • It’s a special experience: I was lucky enough to run alongside everyone on Team Muscle Makers for the 5K and I’m telling you now, it was the most incredible 5K run I have ever participated in. Additionally the team put on an incredible lunch event which so many other incredible people – many are return TMM4UCMD runners – and also gave the chance to hear first-hand the impact that your contribution is having.
  • It’s giving you an extra reason to hit your training runs: Hitting that charity fundraising goal is only one part of the equation, you have to be ready for the run too. With running for charity & on behalf of your supporters it gives you a whole lot of drive to drag yourself out of bed and get your runs done!wp-1458293364593.jpg

After such an awesome time running for Team Muscle Makers at the Star Wars Half, I’m open to running for charity again in the future. It may be hard work hitting both the miles and the dollars, but it’s worth it in the end!

I’m keen to hear other’s experiences with running for charity – which charity and which race did you compete in? 


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