Live for the #Runventure


Disclaimer: I am a member of the Janji Corps Ambassador program, which means I get to tell you all the awesome stuff that Janji is doing. While there are benefits from being an ambassador including a discount, I do purchase the clothing myself and all opinions and words are of course my own.

FACT: I’m always up for a #Runventure. Those awesome folks over at Janji are encouraging us to share our Runventures to celebrate the launch of the new Spring/Summer line, with a focus on Guatemala. In fact, they’ve even shared the amazing sights of the country through this awesome video.


My #runventure has taken me overseas and to places in Australia I have never visited before. In fact, my first race since I started running again was over in Toronto – I happened to be in town the weekend when the race was on. Other races have of course taken me to Disneyland and Walt Disney World; as well as heading down the famous Great Ocean Road (amazing scenery) here at home. In fact, driving down one of the craziest coastal roads at 1am was probably much better not knowing how the road was like – driving back in daylight was pretty scary seeing the road on the side of the cliff! Thankfully that race didn’t start until 11am, so it was a decent sleep in before running and driving back to Melbourne, all the while taking in the amazing sights of the bottom of mainland Australia. It’s these little experiences that definitely add to the adventure!


Where I haven’t had a race, I’ve still managed to get out to experience the sights and sounds of places where I’ve travelled including Auckland, Taupo, Melbourne, Boulder and Miami. There’s nothing like running down South Beach and watching the sun rise! And while I wasn’t able to run outside in South Africa, let’s consider running on a treadmill in Johannesburg an adventure (or running while having an adventure)!!!


I’m so thankful that I’ve had many a #runventure in the short couple of years that I’ve been running further than 1km; I’ve met an incredible amount of awesome folks & have even been on the other side to allow others to run.

Where has your #Runventure taken you??



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