Goal setting: 2016 edition


It may be almost mid-March but I’m getting my 2016 goals aligned and ready to roll out! I feel that the end of 2015 was geared so much towards January, that it left me with a little void once I was done. So what’s next?

A little while ago I announced that I was running the Honolulu Marathon in December of this year – however that’s another 9 months away. So what’s the plan in between?

Well, I’m back on board with Sweat Tracker with the plan to hit the Gold Coast Half Marathon in July with a PR, then work towards the marathon. I do actually have another half signed up two weeks before my goal half – both are incredibly flat courses so I’ve got a real shot of hitting a 2:35 time (keeping those fingers crossed).

For 2016, I’m hoping to hit my half goal time and to finish the Honolulu Marathon in a time fast than 6:46 – which is what I ended up completing the WDW Marathon in (total time including character stops, Expedition Everest ride stop  and the rest!).

I’m also hoping to get through the year as injury free as possible – which does mean looking after myself and take time out when needed, rather than battling through and making things worse. Note: Getting wiser as I get older!

There’s a few other races that are on my radar, such as the Sydney Harbour 10K and I’m currently sitting on whether to register for another 10K trail race (during July) – something that right now I’m a little unsure on. I’m not that entirely confident on trails, and while I’ve hiked/walked them plenty of times, I haven’t yet run on them. On the plus side, I do think it would be entirely fun and something a little different.

So while I have my main goals for the year, the remainder of the year is definitely up for whatever fits into the plan and I’m totally excited about it. 2016 (even though it’s March) I’m still coming for you!!






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