I feel the need for speed…



I’m starting to get back into training for the Bay to Bay Half and the Half at the Gold Coast Airport Marathon Weekend, focusing on becoming a stronger and faster runner. I’ve teamed back up with Sweat Tracker to help me achieve my 2016 goals, which means venturing into new territory that I didn’t experience last year……  speed work.

Sigh. Can’t I get faster without the need to run crazy intervals over what I consider a significant distance?? Isn’t it also unfair that it’s still crazy hot here while I’m trying to make my way through 8kms of hurt??

I’ve only completed two sessions and while I totally see the value in them, it’s hard to convince oneself during the actual work. Add the horrible, hot and humid weather that we are experiencing right now and you’ll completely understand where I’m coming from. Seriously, these are the thoughts running through my head:

  • Starting out: Oh see, this is awesome…. I love running.
  • 1km in: Enjoy this while it lasts…
  • 2km (start of 5km of 2mins 70%, 1 min run): Oh boy, here we go..
  • First 2 min session: Oh easy. I’ve got this….
  • Second 2 min session: Doing fine, and this is going to get my body moving….
  • 3km: Almost halfway!!
  • 3.5km: I don’t think I can do this anymore, I’m hurting, it’s hot…..
  • 3.7km: I need a drink. And some shade.
  • 4km: I’M STRUGGLING!!!! (Also I’d like to thank the gentleman who asked if I was a new runner due to this fact that I was struggling)..
  • 4.5km: Wishing I could walk right now….
  • 5km: I can’t feel my arms and I feel sick. And I’m dizzy. I need to stop.
  • 6km: 2 more kilometres…. ARE YOU SERIOUS????
  • 7km: Thank gosh, I can just run now. Intervals be gone (until next week)
  • 8km: Find some air conditioning, roll up into a ball and sleep the rest of the day!

I’m trying to treat the sessions on an individual basis, but am looking forward to the cooler weather where I know it will eventually get easier. This is definitely taking my out of my comfort zone and at the same time I’m loving & hating it.

I just think forward to the hope I’ll hit my goal time in the winter months. Until then, it’s Thursday speed day and who knows, maybe I’ll learn to love it!

I’d love to hear about incorporating extra work (whether it be a speed session) into your training plan- how’d you cope with the first weeks?? 



2 thoughts on “I feel the need for speed…

  1. I always take it one interval at a time, if I think of it that way its easy for me, “only 30 seconds left in this interval, that’s nothing, you got this!” For me its all a mental game, good luck with your speed work!

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