Hitting a parkrun milestone..


Saturday morning marked my volunteering milestone out at parkrun.  Yep, I’ve volunteered a whole 25 times over the past year, bringing the ability for others to run (or walk) a 5K and of course cheer them on! Of course, I have managed to get out there to run the course, but that’s currently capped out at 6.

If you’re new to the parkrun format, it’s a timed 5K run that occurs every Saturday morning in a safe and fun environment. All ages and abilities can take part, and it’s awesome to see so many out there and giving it a go. 5K is definitely a decent distance!

The entire event is run by volunteers, and jobs range from timekeeping to marshalling to scanning runner’s barcodes so that you get your time. What is great is that you get to see people progressing better as the weeks roll by, or even that the event grows. When I first joined my local event we had about 80 runners. Now, it’s about 150 a week – not bad for a standard Saturday run!

I’m putting the question out there – has there been an event that you constantly volunteer for but hardly run?



4 thoughts on “Hitting a parkrun milestone..

  1. I volunteered for a trail run one year. I’m not a trail runner but they were desperate for help so I gave them my whole weekend! It was the best thing I’ve ever done. I think runners should go “behind the curtain” to get an idea of what goes into making sure things are just right for them when the starter gun goes off.

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