Look(book)! It’s the new Janji Collection!

Disclaimer: I am a member of the Janji Corps Ambassador program, which means I get to tell you all the awesome stuff that Janji is doing. While there are benefits from being an ambassador including a discount, I do purchase the clothing myself and all opinions and words are of course my own.

Source: Janji Instagram

The only good thing about the Aussie summer ending (sigh, it’s lighter later in the morning) is that we’re one step closer to the launch of the Janji Spring/Summer collection releasing.

Earlier in the week the folks over at Janji gave us a super sneak peek into the new collection with the release of the lookbook, a fantastic eCatalogue of new gear focusing on running for Guatemala – where Janji partner with local water charities to give water where it’s needed.

So initial thoughts? This collection is not going to disappoint. We’re already aware of how amazingly comfortable the Janji gear is, however they’ve taken it one step further with all new designs based on Guatemala – even teaming up with local artists to capture the local feel. I’ve already created a wishlist of new goodies that I can’t wait to get my hands on, primarily those running singlets (YESSSS!!) and the shorts.

This week there’s two new products to kick off the launch of the collection – the Women’s Asana Zona Capris & the Viento Windbreaker (women should size down).

New products are being released every Wednesday through to summer, however you may catch a preview of what’s being released by checking out Janji’s Instagram or Facebook pages. Also be sure to sign up to receive Janji’s emails just to make sure that you get the new product info as soon as it hits!



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