Joining the Dark Side (2XU 3/4 Mid-rise Reflective Compression Tights review)


Disclaimer: I received the 2XU 3/4 Mid-rise Reflective Compression Tights to review as part of being a BibRave Pro Ambassador. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews! While the opportunity came my way thanks to the awesome group, all views and opinions are mine.

So while all of my winter BibRave Pro’s have been out reviewing the Hyoptik Thermal 2XU items, the awesome folks over at 2XU realise that it’s a complete different season over here in Australia and sent me the 3/4 Mid-rise Reflective Compression tights to review. This was awesome because 1) I only really wear long tights (with the exception of 1 pair of Janji 3/4 tights) so I was excited to try another type; and 2) these were still super reflective which is something that I admittedly don’t own enough of.

Since I was training for the Dopey Challenge and the Marathon, I had been really relying on compression gear post-long run and found that it really does aid in recover, especially making sure that the legs were up and moving the next day! I had previously worn a size L in the standard 2XU full tights, but thanks to all the running eventually sat on the border of M/L and ended up with a pair of the MCS tights in M (a nice, snug fit). So with these 3/4 Mid-rise tights, once again I was on the border about what size to get but ended up with the M for a full compression fit.


About 2XU – Firstly, 2XU (Two times You) is Aussie, born in Melbourne in 2005 and products have been designed and tested in consultation with top universities and sports scientists. They’ve been working with the Australian Institute of Sport for years and partners with other top organisations not only here in Australia, but around the world, such as the AFL, Athletics Australia, Ironman, Swimming Australia and Triathlon New Zealand. Their motto is “Human performance. Multiplied” and that’s how the products work, they move with the body, not restrict it.



Packaging – Alike all 2XU compression pants, the 3/4 Mid-rise Reflective Compression tights come well presented and boxed up, notice the markings highlighting the reflective accents on the pants, as well as the genuine stickers on the box. One thing I like about 2XU is that all the packaging is recyclable, there’s no plastic bags in sight!

Fit – The 3/4 Mid-rise Reflective Compression tight is super snug in the medium. As I mentioned before, I’m on the cusp of both the M & L, and sized down for a complete compression feel. These aren’t too sheer which I was pleasantly surprised given that I’ve heard all sorts of horror stories about tights and sheerness (not necessarily to do with 2XU but rather other leggings brands). These also streamline the legs, and fit flush on rather than stretch the openings at the bottom of the leg.

There is a wide waistband as well at the top of the pant, something which is incredibly flattering for all body types and makes you feel incredibly stable while running.

Finally, these are antibacterial AND offers UPF50+ sun protection, which I think is pretty cool, especially when dealing with the Aussie summer. I can go on and on about the need to use sunscreen while outside but since reading about how women are more likely to develop melanoma on the legs, it’s super important to be sun smart everywhere and these pants make it easy with it’s UPF protection.


Reflectiveness – As I mentioned, I’m awfully bad when it comes to reflective clothing. I do have an array of lights which I wear in low light, but it’s good to know that there’s an option for an early morning reflective glow with the 3/4 Mid-rise Reflective Compression tights. In the image at the top of the page I locked myself into the walk-in robe with the lights off and shined the headlamp onto the pant to show the true reflectiveness of the tights. On the pant themselves there are small reflective dots making up the X pattern on the side of the tights sitting high on the thigh and allowing for high-reflectivity.

Post -run feel – OK, there’s nothing harder than getting into a pair of compression pants post-run when the legs are feeling like jelly. And while it still won’t be the easiest thing to do, I feel that the 3/4 Mid-rise Reflective Compression tights are that little bit easier since they are 3/4 length. If you’re after compression of the tights then these tights are definitely not for you, but if you get the feels post-run in the hammys, glutes and quads then these are the pants you’re looking for (which is the PWX Flex 70D material working it’s magic).

The running test – I normally only wear compression post-run but I decided to give these a go with my last long run before heading out to Walt Disney World for Marathon Weekend. It was dark and un-seasonably cool so safety first meant that the reflectiveness won the day. I’m one of those runners who can easily be irritated by material to the point where it impacts my run. These sit under the knee so there is a chance that they could roll up, but as the run progressed the pants didn’t move. Not the waistband or the bottoms. They stayed in place for the entire 16km.

Day to day – I packed these pants in my suitcase to take with me over on the Walt Disney World/Disneyland adventure. These were great when I was in-between the 4 races (or the 3 during Disneyland). I loved wearing these around the parks, the fabric didn’t restrict any movement making getting on and off rides easy! Also, being on the darker side made my meeting with Darth Vader a little more easy – I’m pretty sure that I could have recruited him to the 2XU side.. expect to see Stormtroopers decked out in compression gear!

Darth Vader clearly asking me if these are the pants he’s been looking for…..

So overall how did the 3/4 Mid-rise Reflective Compression tights stack up? Fantastic! Definitely something to use during (for the reflectiveness) and post-run (for the compression). I’m pleasantly surprised by the 3/4 type, it’s not something that I would have normally gone for (given that I’m a full length girl) but I’m becoming a big fan of this length. I’ve also totally been won over by the use of compression pants post-run thanks to 2XU and it’s something that I’m continuing with in 2016.

2XU 3/4 Mid-rise Reflective Compression tights retail for AUD$140 and are available online here.

Join us for #bibchat this Tuesday 8P CT/Aussie Wednesday 1pm ADST to chat all things 2XU!


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