Shades of glory (xx2i Review)


Disclaimer: I received the XX2i Optics USA 1 Sunglasses to review as part of being a BibRave Pro Ambassador. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews! While the opportunity came my way thanks to the awesome group, all views and opinions are mine.

I’m back! It’s been an absolutely incredible trip – more details to come. I was lucky in part to receive a pair of XX2i Optics USA 1 sunnies literally the last mail day before I got on a plane to the US, so I was able to test while running ALL THE RACES at Disney World and Disneyland.

As someone who wears sunnies when I’m out running all the time, I find comfort and fit super important. I had been running around in a pair of tacky promo glasses that I had picked up from a conference somewhere. Not the best type of glasses to be spending hours in, they were super cute however ended up not good with sweat which in turn caused the paint to flake.

So what were the first impressions of the XX2i USA 1 glasses? AH-Mazing!

You get a complete kit with the XX2i USA 1 glasses! 

When you open up the packaging you get this awesome kit – containing a soft case which also doubles as a cleaning cloth, adjustable temple tips and adjustable nose pads. It really is a one stop XX2i shop! These bad boys also come with a lifetime warranty, that’s how good they are!

Ok, so here’s the warning. I’m super particular with glasses when it comes to running (I know, I was running in a pair of awful glasses but trust me on this).. If they irritate me then I’m out. So, my wishlist includes – at no point should the frame touch my face where it shouldn’t, if possible I would like a pair to NOT fog up, they shouldn’t be too tight around the head, they need to look awesome – not like I’m trying to look like a super serious runner when I’m out there doing my thing.

Nose pads are completely adjustable for your running pleasure. 

With the XX2i Optics USA 1 glasses you’ll notice the nose pads on the inside of the frame. These are to ensure that the glasses sit as comfortably on the nose as possible. They are adjustable and if needed you can change them with the tools included as above. Once on (and sitting right) the frames do not touch the face. I was absolutely amazed at how incredible these felt on, and I hadn’t even left my living room yet!

What I liked about these glasses was that they had a frame the entire way, not just a frame up top with the lenses free down the bottom like some other brands do. The framing is solid, but lightweight (28.5 grams)- it’s enough to know that the glasses won’t break but not heavy enough to cause any issues while running. Also the lenses do include the cut out to avoid any fogging issues with changes in weather.

Solid lightweight frames are a winner on these USA 1 glasses! 

So I did manage to take these out for a spin for my last run pre-Dopey Challenge, during the Australian Summer. Would these USA 1’s live up to the challenge? Needless to say, yes! I found that there was no bunching of sweat around the bridge of the nose like there had been previously with my other glasses thanks to the nose pads, and there wasn’t any sitting of the frames to the top of my cheeks. It was a comfortable, and safe run – I felt that my eyes were protected more thanks to the polarising lenses; which in this case were blue (I’ve only ever worn grey so I was totally getting a kick out of the blue reflections where the sun caught items).  The lenses are really clear, and allow a great view on the world around me!

The true test was using the glasses through the WDW Marathon course. I know they say never use anything new on race day but I was confident that these glasses would be ok based off the test run a week earlier. A true to that they were, even with the crazy Florida humidity they didn’t fog up once, nor did they slip and slide from the uber sweatiness that was happening. It was a comfortable 42km, which is great given it was my first marathon and I didn’t want to deal with gear that wasn’t working for me. When I wasn’t wearing the glasses they were easily packed into my Orange Mud Hydraquiver DB vest. As for the polarising – well, these glasses kept the sun out of my eyes completely; there was no tired eyes from the sun, just from getting up early for 4 mornings in a row!

These glasses even helped me keep my eyes away from those locals in Florida! 

With so much gear around, it’s hard to make sense of what’s awesome to use and sometimes we decide that spending $$ means that they’ll be quality. One thing I’d point out about the XX2i Optics is the glasses don’t cost a ton, but are still awesome quality. It’s a high-end, well built range of glasses on a conservative budget which I absolutely love. And these aren’t only good for running, I have been using them on a daily basis in replacement to my standard get-up-and-go glasses.

When you are looking for your next pair of glasses, definitely consider the XX2i Optics USA 1 – you are able to browse the entire range (and many, many colours) through


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