Give me those Janji Long Sleeves!! (Review)




Disclaimer: I am a member of the Janji Corps Ambassador program, which means I get to tell you all the awesome stuff that Janji is doing. While there are benefits from being an ambassador including a discount, I do purchase the clothing myself and all opinions and words are of course my own.

If you’re up for a burst of colour, and some of the comfiest long sleeve tees you can find, you definitely can’t go past the latest range of Janji L/S Tees. Following on from their successful Summer line, the Janji team replicated those super soft tees for the Fall collection representing Ethiopia, Peru, Kenya and India. I’m currently wearing the India version of the shirt, with the Tiger print down the one side in a contrasting blue.

And keeping with the Janji code – all purchases go towards providing water for the respective region that they represent. So while you get an pretty awesome running shirt (or pants, or shorts); somewhere out there gets a years worth of water. So it’s a win/win right?


Similar to the short sleeved tees – these long sleeves have reflective accents on the back, where the Janji logo is and being bright makes it super helpful in low light (although I do also recommend being lit up because safety first!) and are made with a 60% polyester/40% rayon mix of moisture wicking greatness, perfect for when you start to heat up and sweat!

The team have really mixed up the designs on the shirts this time around, while the India Tiger Print L/S has the print on one side of the shirt, the Ethiopia L/S has the print down the arms and both the Peru Diamond and Kenya Palm L/S tees feature the print on the front (print isn’t heavy and doesn’t affect the balance of the tee). All tees are priced at $46USD.


It’s important to note that these shirts don’t have thumbholes, and are not of a thicker material that’s useful for running in extreme temperatures.

For me, I’m a L and still find that this size fits nicely in the top – even though I’ve had to change sizes (down to a M) for other clothes; perhaps I like them a little baggier than most people.

These shirts are definitely a must have for when it starts to get a little cooler (I even wore them here in December when the weather chilled a little) – they continue Janji’s awesome reputation of incredibly amazing running gear that helps you #runforanother!



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