Dealing with corral crazy


So the WDW Marathon Weekend & Star Wars Weekend corrals have been released and social media seems to have blown up with complaints of incorrect seeding in regards to starting position. Personally, I received corral J for Dopey and absolutely stoked to be starting there seeing as I thought I would be back further (and then corral B for the Rebel Challenge). Without having completed a marathon before all I have is a goal time and a half marathon time from my first Disney event (which is still about 20 mins slower than my current half training times).

So here I go, party in corral J and I’m going to give it my all. I’m well under the 16 minute miles and only care about getting to ride Expedition Everest during the race (well, it is the only reason why I signed up!).. and my goal is to finish under 6 hours!

For the half, I managed to get a really good proof of time that I used previously for the Dumbo Double Dare -which got me in corral C and the highest corral placing for Disney events (with the exclusion of the 5k). This same time was used for Star Wars and

For those looking to provide POT for future events here’s some tips to avoid any corral crazy:

  • When submitting a POT make sure you print or screenshot your submission in case there’s an issue further down the timeline.
  • Double check your POT entry before the cut-off date. I used both a TA and Charity entry for the Jan races and submitted my POT at registration however upon checking the POT page noticed that some important information was missing and was able to fix on the spot.
  • Just go with it – seriously, in the big scheme of thing we’re running in the most magical place in the world and we’re going to have an awesome time of it right? As long as you trust what you have trained for, and maintain the max of 16 minutes a mile you’ll be right!!

Have you been disappointed when it came to bib number/corral assignment release? 



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