When change happens


So it was a little over 3 weeks ago when I was made redundant from my job. Understandably I was absolutely shocked at the news and spent the next 12 hours trying to make sense of it all. I had been a remote employee of an overseas company for the last 3 years, my home was my office and my nearest co-worker was about 10,000km away. I wasn’t prepared for how alone I felt, with no local support available and the rest of my team on another timezone so I was unable to talk to anyone! I went through a range of emotions & thoughts – kinda like four seasons in one day.

But here’s the thing, while it was a terrible day – the sun came up again the next day, & the next day, & so on. The world went on as normal, as if nothing had happened. I was healthy, happy and going into the best time of the year. Rather than looking at the past (although there were times over the following week where I did get upset again), I looked at the opportunity. I can do ANYTHING!

So off I go on the journey again, I’m enjoying the time to reflect on all the achievements and hard work I put through in my work and excited to see what’s around the corner. Change happens, and right now I’m ok with it!


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