Hitting 100 Miles in a month!


The past few weeks have been absolutely crazy – and apologies for the lack of updating – but I’ve not only been working on getting through the Dopey Challenge plan but also the last week of the month brought on a scare of appendicitis (which it wasn’t) and also the bad news that I was laid off from work. But the good news is that even with the disruption of the last week I managed to complete the 100 mile challenge that was held in November! WOO HOO!

Not only that but I also scored a Half Marathon distance PR off a 22k training run, a Parkrun 2015 best for the 5k and finally a 2015 best for the 10k in my last race for 2015! So with the 160km for the month November turned out to be one awesome month for running.


Looking forward to this weekend I do have a 20 miler/32km training run scheduled which I am crazy nervous about. This will officially be the longest I have ever run and am not 100% sure on how to best tackle the distance. I guess I have to tackle this head on!


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