The Running Bookclub – Eat & Run by Scott Jurek (Review)

Being a runner is second to being a booklover, so what happens when the two worlds collide? Some AMAZING reading!! In today’s post I’m reviewingEat+and+Run Eat & Run by Scott Jurek with Steve Friedman.

Scott Jurek is one incredible runner, hitting the headlines earlier this year by being the fastest person to complete the Appalachian Trail in July. So do you want to know what goes on in the mindset of a runner in some of the hardest races on Earth? Then read this book.

Part autobiography, part inspiration, part cookbook – Eat & Run allows the reader to follow Scott Jurek’s foray into endurance running, including stories from his childhood, how food choices impact his body and gain an understanding on what drives these incredible runners on.

I don’t want to give anything away, but there’s certainly some parts of the book where I sat in disbelief, amazed at the barriers Jurek overcome to continue in a certain race, or to just keep moving.

Eat & Run is really an easy read, and to hear the stories of these amazing endurance runs, and the amount of stress the body can handle, is incredible. While I’m not ever going to be in the same league as Jurek, the mental mindset I believe is the same no matter if we’re training for a 5K, 21K or 100K.

It’s really not hard to like Jurek, he’s as human as all of us, and while doing amazing (and some may say superhuman) feats, his story tells us of the mistakes, turmoil and heartache that may be similar to what we all deep down as runners face.

I have read comments from others that mentioned they didn’t like the vegan recipes at the end of each chapter, whether you are pro-meat or not, it’s quite interesting to see what Jurek does to fuel his epic adventures! If you really find it offensive then it really is easy to skip.

Reading this book really changed my mindset in regards to running, it made me recognise that the mind really controls about 90% of what’s going on, and once you train this, you are able to become a better runner.

I give this book 4 running shoes out of 5.

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