Going the distance in November with a 100 mile challenge


Right now we’re heading into summer down here (and almost the end of the year) so needless to say it’s………

This past weekend has definitely been crazy with my Dopey Challenge simulation (only 64 days to go!!) and I’ve really been racking up that distance with a whole 111.61km (don’t forget the .61!!!!!!) in October. With a month destined for a long relationship with the road, it’s super awesome timing that fellow BibRave Pro Angie is hosting the 100 miles in November Challenge. With the first day down and 10 miles (16km) already on the board, now I’m all set to try and get to 100 miles!!

Angie is pretty awesome to host this challenge, and has got some great prizes behind it from Iowa based running store Running Wild as well as Dunkin’ Donuts (who doesn’t love donuts??) and some Marathang Bands! Definitely head over to Angie’s blog (click right here) to check out the challenge, it’s already the 2nd here so only 28 days (and 90 miles) to go!!


5 thoughts on “Going the distance in November with a 100 mile challenge

  1. WOW! 10 miles in one day! I’m lucky if I get two! I’m so not a runner but have been trying to build my abilities and mileage! I’m always trying to do a 100by____ mileage challenge and focus on an end date being a holiday or the start of a new season or something. Usually I give myself two months, but have yet to be able to reach it :[
    And the beginning of summer? Fall just started where I am, it actually rained today lol

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    1. It’s actually raining here too! I wasn’t a runner for a long time, and yep 10 miles in a day would have shocked me! You have to start from somewhere and 2 miles is an awesome run! I’ve tried those arm or abs challenges in a month but have also failed to reach, this one is good as it’s occurring during training for my goal of a marathon so it helps!!! You’ll build up the mileage quickly (then it becomes addictive)!!!

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