Loving that long run


AKA getting through the Dopey Challenge training….

So training and I have a bit of a love/hate relationship. The first two half marathons that I completed back in 2013 and 2014 weren’t done by sticking to a plan for whatever reason,  in fact – my very first half marathon was done off the back of a two week vacation (which is something that I do NOT recommend). Entering 2015, and coming into the Disneyland Half off injury I had found my way back with Sweat Tracker – and managed to complete the training plan (wooohooo!!!!). Not only that but I was loving the run again!

Now onto training for the Dopey Challenge. Firstly, I’ll make mention that this is the first time I’ve attempted to tackle the marathon distance. So travelling all the way to Florida (from Australia) it was natural that I had to go enter everything right?? So that was the easy part. Having a look at the training plan was another story……. WHAT?? I’m expected to run a whole half marathon distance on a regular Sunday?? MULTIPLE TIMES???? And longer distances??? WHAT HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO???????

Needless to say I’m entering week 8 and it’s amazing how the perception has changed. I’m loving that long run, firstly there’s something so surreal and calm about running super early on a Spring morning, as the sun comes up over the ocean. Then there’s that awesome knowledge that you have food & water attached to your back and you can stop whenever you need a drink. It’s actually the shorter runs that are giving me more trouble. I find the whole concept of “meh, I can run that 5k anytime during the day” doesn’t help me as I choose THE WRONGEST (yes, it’s a word that’s suitable for this post) TIME OF THE DAY EVER!!! That includes – “oh no, I need to beat the storm/rain/bad weather” no matter even if it’s the hottest part of the day and a high humidity rating.

I feel that tackling the Dopey Challenge has made me understand the concept of running a whole lot better, from getting refuelling down pat (off the back of a terrible run at the Disneyland Half Marathon) to playing it smart when being on the brink of injury. There’s only 10 more weeks left until the WDW Marathon weekend, but instead of scared, I feel incredibly excited to push the kilometres in the next couple of weeks in search of that 42.2km distance finish!!!

What is the next race on everyone’s list and have you experienced both lows & highs during training? 


2 thoughts on “Loving that long run

  1. Definitely had the lows and highs of training! Tackling a distance I thought impossible in a time I didn’t expect to not even being able to finish and easy run due to leg issues 🙂
    I’m running a 10k in December and then a 15k in January. Good luck on your marathon training!

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