Running in the buff… (UV Half Buff Review)


Disclaimer: I received the UV Half Buff to review as part of being a BibRave Pro Ambassador. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews! While the opportunity came my way thanks to the awesome group, all views and opinions are mine.

I stand up for all Sweaty Betty’s out there. There, I said it. And it’s nothing to be ashamed about. For all those Sweaty Betty’s out there (and Sweaty Dude’s too) there is a solution! YESS! It’s time to run in the buff (or actually run WITH a Buff)..


So what’s a Buff? It’s a tubular piece of multifunctional material – and comes in a wide variety of materials such as Moisture-wicking and Merino. Buff USA sent me a UV Half Buff to review – and I was such a fan of their US state series that I got a great one with Mt Washington on it!

The UV Half Buff offers up to 95% protection against harmful UV rays and features Moisture-wicking and Coolmax material to make sure that you’re comfortable and cool when you’re wearing the product. So what makes a Buff only a half Buff? Simple. It’s half the size of a regular Buff at 10” long x 4.75” wide (when laid flat) but ALL the attitude.

And you certainly need attitude when dealing with real sweat. But it just so happened that when I received my UV Half Buff that Sydney was undergoing a cold snap. Did the weather stop the Sweaty Betty coming out? A little. Remember that word multifunctional? I put it in action and kept my ears warm and happy rocking the UV Half Buff over them. On my second run, I actually wore the UV Half Buff as face mask, filtering the cold air and making sure that I was running warm. When I started getting warm, it still made a great scarf (or neckerchief as per the Buff website)!


As the weather warmed up from the 10 degrees C we had been experiencing, I was able to easily transition the UV Half Buff back to both wearing as a headband and also wrapped around my wrist (not one of the official ways but still combats the sweat effectively). Generally the wrist is my go to, and I’m able to get it around 3 times (as tightish) but twice around is not only comfortable but you can also put it over your hand to wipe your entire face (totally winning with this one!).

If you’re keen to learn the ways of the Buff, Buff USA have put together this awesome video..

So it’s great for exercising, but how does it wash up? I typically wash in a cold water cycle,  and it has come up great every time. I do line dry, never tumble dry (this goes against the washing instructions) and definitely don’t use fabric softener. But we don’t use fabric softener on our running gear now do we??

Given my sweatiness, I’m always in need of sweat absorbing products – and the UV Half Buff fits the bill entirely. What I loved about testing this product is discovering all the awesome ways to wear the UV Half Buff – especially as the headband. I even have rocked this Buff in my day-to-day, just being as fashionable as I can. I’m addicted to the UV Half Buff, it’s a great size for use while running and making sure that I’m comfortable and cool, or to stay warm when the weather turns a little chilly (but not too chilly otherwise we’d need the Merino or Polar Buffs).

If you’re keen to try out a Buff or am a fan and need more, Buff is offering everyone 10% off their order with the code “BIBRAVE10”.


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