Getting underway with Sweat Tracker…

Disclaimer: I received the Sweat Tracker program to review as part of being a BibRave Pro Ambassador. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews! While the opportunity came my way thanks to the awesome group, all views and opinions are mine.

The Sweat Tracker website, very easy to use and understand your training plan!


It’s been a long and slow comeback, going through the run/walk intervals up until I could run an entire 5k. From there I was able to gradually increase my mileage as my calves allowed. But seriously, I was doing a whole lot of running……and not really getting anywhere. With the Disneyland Half looming, I started becoming obsessed with trying to up the distance – so much that I did back to back 7ks and ended up having to sit out 3 days as my legs recovered. Really, everything that I was doing was incredibly redundant to my training.

So naturally I jumped at the chance to work with Sweat Tracker ( when the opportunity came up, these guys are an online-delivered training program and have a range of programs including training for performance. I was more intrigued by their Injury Recovery and Prevention training and really, if anyone was going to test the boundaries of injury recovery it certainly will be me!

I was quickly assigned to Coach Val and we conversed over email about my injury, where I’m at and what I’m comfortable doing in the way of exercises. I was really looking forward to this exercise portion as I don’t have any clue when it comes to strengthening the much needed areas!

Very quickly you will find out that communication is key with the Sweat Tracker team – this is great especially not being US-based. In fact, it turns out that I’m the first client that is from across the seas, so the first activity email for Monday did land in my inbox late Monday night but the team were super responsive (and awesome) to get this sorted so that now all emails now come before the required activity.

So what’s the program like? For me, the past two weeks have been a mix of running three days a week & exercises. Coach Val lets me know what’s expected for the week early on, and then I receive an email with the next couple of days activities as a reminder. This is super helpful when you don’t have time to log into the website. To report back your run times is easy – there’s a number to text if you’re in the US, but for me I just send a quick email.

How has Sweat Tracker changed my run? I’ve been on board for two weeks now and the change has been instant!! Sweat Tracker allowed me to find my love for the run again. My runs previously consisted of going out for time, busting it all and ending up constantly looking at my watch counting down the metres. There were times where I knew I’d have to have a break and walk. Now, I’m running at a slower pace right now yes, but not every run has to be quick, and I’m finding that I find my rhythm a lot quicker, I can go longer and my overall times have improved – I’m no longer running quick early kilometres and hitting the wall later on. I’m also finding that I can get a scope on my times just by the feel of the speed that I’m running. I know that kinda sounds a bit hippish in the ” run free” sense – realistically I’m not going to throw my Garmin away anytime soon (no way, I need those lap splits and overall times), but it really is just starting to click all together. Add to that, I’m NOT even looking at the watch in the last km of the run!


Right now I’ve only hit 7k as my longest run. I do have 7 and a bit weeks until the Disneyland Half. Right now my legs are absolutely amazing, they feel stronger thanks to the targeted exercises that I have been doing. I also ran the Sydney Harbour 5k in my fastest 5k time back from injury (and I got an awesome celebration tile from the team!).

So after two weeks there’s two very big thumbs up for Sweat Tracker!

To find out more about Sweat Tracker – Definitely check them out and let them know that I sent you!




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