The good old medal reveal……

Spoiler – if you don’t want to see the Disneyland Half Medals, look away now!

Last Friday those runDisney folks surprised us with the medal reveal of the Disneyland Half and given that they usually reserve special announcements to Tuesday (US time) – no one was really expecting this super news!

All in all, it puts to bed a lot of chatter with regards to theming across the weekend. With themes generally running across the 5k & 10k in the September running event, we’re seeing a subtle theme of Villainy amongst the Fab Five for the 5k (isn’t the rubber medallion awesome with Sleeping Beauty’s Castle included?), and then the evilness of the Magic Mirror 10k medal will bring the villains back to runDisney by way of Disneyland (since the Tower of Terror 10miler is briefly on hold). I’m absolutely stoked that the villains are back – we got a glimpse of them at last year’s Disneyland Half – and this time I’m definitely going to stop and get some much wanted pics!! Dr. Facilier better be back on the course!

For the Disneyland Half medal itself, I’m so super excited to get this one at the end of the 13.1 mile (21.1k) journey. While it’s not the traditional Disneyland D that we’ve come to love and expect from this race, it is representing both the 10th celebration of the run as well as the 60th anniversary of park – this medal is going to be one of the best souvenirs that you can get from the year-long Disneyland celebration! With 52 days to go (who’s counting right?) it’s time to get super excited and make sure you’re all getting those all important runs in!

It’s the Disneyland Half medals! Source: runDisney

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