Review: Janji Kenya Race Shorts – THE best shorts you can own!



Disclaimer: I am a member of the Janji Corps Ambassador program, which means I get to tell you all the awesome stuff that Janji is doing. While there are benefits from being an ambassador including a discount, I do purchase the clothing myself and all opinions and words are of course my own. 

I’m so happy that these shorts have finally been released! I feel that these have been Janji’s BEST kept secret!

Firstly let’s talk about the important stuff – the Women’s Kenya Race Shorts provides 1 year of clean water to a person in Kenya through the activities of, an organisation that is leaps and bounds ahead in providing community-driven and innovative solutions to provide access to clean water and improve sanitation around the world. You can learn more about Janji’s partnership with in Kenya here.

Apart from mentioning that these shorts are Janji’s best kept secret, what are they really like? Do they really make your legs look as amazing as ever??



That Print! 

Firstly, how awesome is that print? And so bright! Janji definitely take into account the region they are representing when creating their gear, and these shorts are definitely reflective of Kenya. When on, there is no issue with the print – it does not distort at all. Of course, there is a reflective Janji logo on the bottom of the shorts (and contrasted red stitching).

Wide waistband 

I’m a fan of anything that feels like it’s keeping everything in place, and the wide waistband on these shorts does exactly that, without feeling to constricted or having the elastic dig in.  I can wear these on a run and feel super confident that nothing up top is moving, or rolling.

On the inside of the waistband, you’ll find the awesome “Run for another” Janji motto (which you can also roll over to show on the outside if you’re keen).


Booty coverage

When I’m out running, one of the main issues that I’m concerned about is whether any booty is hanging out of my shorts. Look, I know it may be all the rage with the kids these days to have your butt hanging out the bottom of skimpy shorts, but it’s either my 30+ years talking, or I’m too conservative, but seriously – no one needs to see that.

Bring in these babies! Not only are they super cute boy short style, but they are cut with a conservative length in mind, meaning the shorts don’t end right at the bottom of your backside. The longer cut (ending in the upper part of the leg) definitely makes these an absolute winner!


If I could wear these day in and day out I would, they just sit there. On a run, they did move a little for me ( I do have bigger upper legs) but after that they didn’t move at all. Alike everything that I have reviewed from Janji this season, these shorts are soft feeling with that high quality that we’ve come to know and love. These shorts are a  92% polyester, 8% spandex textile but definitely don’t feel tight anywhere and do not irritate during a run.

I do have a pair of tightish boyshorts by Under Armour and feel that these Janji ones are far more superior to those- the material, fit and comfiness are miles ahead!


There is a pocket at the back, good for storing a key or energy on a race. Given that I like to run with music, I would have liked to have a small pocket at the front to hold my iPod.

I ordered a large, and when I received them they fit well. Now I’ve had these a few months,  in that space I’ve unfortunately (or fortunately) noticed a loss of kgs but these still fit amazingly great. Personally I think that getting down to a M would feel like compression. If you’re in between sizes I suggest that you should go with your comfiness preference.

Finally, if you need any more word on how awesome these are, I’ve been hanging out for these shorts to be released so I can buy more! I’m a fan!

You can buy the Janji Women’s Kenya Race Shorts here. You can also browse other awesome gear made by Janji here.


4 thoughts on “Review: Janji Kenya Race Shorts – THE best shorts you can own!

  1. I should check these out. I’m not young either and I don’t need to be trotting around town exposing my butt cheeks. 😀 I haven’t ever tried the fitted shorts like this but these look nice!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve normally been hesitant about fitted shorts (only wearing them while doing workouts at home), and the pattern initially drew me into these. Honestly, if they look good on my legs (and feel super comfy too) – they look good on anyones! 🙂


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