5k goal- CHECK!


It’s Monday and all I can say is woohoo! This weekend has been HUGE on the running front. I was a little bit naughty and deviated from my recovery interval plan (I was on part 2 which consisted of running solid in 5min increases) and went out to smash a 5k with no walk/run intervals. It’s been such a long comeback that this 5k was an overdue mental win. I had been scheduled to run 25 mins on my recovery plan, plus also had to hit the 5k on the Dumbo Dare training (I’m covering the distance with walk/run intervals until I catch up) so… two birds, one stone.

The time was relatively good – a 32min for a slow, not-so-sure-how-the-legs-would-go effort that included 2 hills. The last km was a little crazy, the calves started to fatigue and I had to work overtime to make sure that my strike didn’t fall back into old habits. Overall there’s no pain in either legs (and no numbness in the feet) so I’ve got to be happy about that!

What’s GREAT is that I’ve now been cleared to continue running 5k until the legs feel comfortable and then increase by a km (and so on). It’s been just under 6 months since I started on this journey with what I thought was just bursitis in the right forefoot, which turned out to be that PLUS stress reactions in the shins – and while I was looking forward to this day, I wasn’t sure it would ever come!

So as I wind back the physio visits (and *sigh* dry needling), I am ramping up the remedial massage. As I’ve increased my running, my legs have been really sore – to the point that I was waking up at night. My physio recommended some nerve gliding exercises as well as remedial massage and it’s been working wonders! I previously thought that these tools were for “elite” athletes only, but it’s a great method of preventative medicine*, making sure the legs are ready to get out there an run! In fact, post massage I flew to my best 1km & 1 mile time!

*As always please see your medical professional for injury or general medical advice. What has worked for me may not work for everyone, so be smart and get it checked out! 

wpid-wp-1432721974106.jpegOverall I’m feeling like I’m in a really good place, the speed is getting better and now I can concentrate on getting my distance back up. There’s a 10k training run for Dumbo this weekend, and I’m running a 12k at the Bay to Bay Running Festival mid-June but realistically those will be done with intervals, I don’t want to ruin all the hard work that has been done!

Anyways, virtual high-fives all round & now it’s a GO towards the Dumbo/Dopey training!!!




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