The Disneyland Half Weekend themes have arrived!

DlandHalfIt’s only 17 weeks until the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend and with that brings the long awaited training plans. We’ve been holding our breath as the weeks went by, just waiting to see what the runDisney team had for us to celebrate the Disneyland Half Marathon 10 year Anniversary.

The Half Marathon graphic hasn’t changed much from the standard logo that we’ve come to love, with the addition of the 10th Anniversary banner. The medal itself changed slightly in 2014 with the additional of a circle surrounding the D – one would expect that the medal will change again to highlight the anniversary.


Now to the 10k…… Is it Snow White? Is it Villains? With the removal of the Tower of Terror 10 Miler from the runDisney calendar there certainly is an open slot for the “bad guys”. Plus last year’s event at Disneyland had an avenue of villains as you ran through Fantasyland.

There’s two things that do back up the villains idea – If it was a Snow White theme, why would there not be Snow White, the Queen or the 6 Dwarves (removing Dopey) and the Dumbo Double Dare logo also followings the purple colour tone.

I think that perhaps the 10K medal won’t follow in the exact copy of the 10K graphic, which is what we saw with Stitch theme last year – we got the Tiki Idol Stitch, not the entire graphic. It will be interesting if they incorporate the Mirror into the medal itself or perhaps have another design all together.


One things for certain, it’s all up to speculation until the medals are revealed, let the new countdown begin!

What’s your take on the theme? 


2 thoughts on “The Disneyland Half Weekend themes have arrived!

  1. i am SO stoked about the 10K design!! i was debating dressing as the red queen for the 10K and alice for the half, so now i’m pretty sold on going as a villain for the 10K!


    1. That’s awesome! I had already created my costumes but it turns out they’re already along the villain theme so I think I’m covered! 🙂


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