Signing up to a marathon in Marathon Month..



Happy Marathon Month and CONGRATULATIONS to all those Boston Marathon runners. Seeing everyone cross that finish line is really inspiring to go out an achieve my own goals.

With that, I’ve been quickly (and quietly) smashing through my recovery plan in order to start training for the Disneyland Half and the Dumbo Double Dare. I was loving the accumulation of distance, up until I then had to begin the next round (LEVEL UP!!) of consistent running with smaller walk breaks.

I did happen to have one of the worst runs in my comeback the other day – my legs ached, I almost abandoned twice and I was just over it overall. It’s hard to pick it up again but I staggered home and did an intense rolling session on my legs. That was the culprit. I hadn’t rolled in a couple of days and yes, it really made a difference. Lesson learnt.

What is the BIG news is that I have committed myself to the full distance… EEEK! Yep, I’ll be amongst the thousands of runners converging onto WDW in January (please don’t be too cold Florida!) in order to run around like the crazies that we are! AND I’M GOING DOPEY!!!

Here’s a tip: If you’re looking at registering for the WDW Marathon Weekend, I highly recommend using a TA. For the last couple of runDisney race registrations, I have been using Jen at Travel Girl on the Run and it’s been a breeze to sign up. I can’t say enough about how awesome she is! On top of that she still has a whole heap of bibs available for both the Disneyland Half and WDW Marathon Weekend, so if you’re keen to run – get in touch!


Now that the stress of registration has passed (for me anyway), it’s now dawned on me exactly how far I’ve got to go on my two legs so that it’s not a shock to the system come the new year. I’ve enlisted in some coaching help from Krissy Murphy at Outrunning the Monorail and am super excited at the thought to have some guidance (and a great training plan) from an awesome runner who has completed the WDW Marathon Weekend many times.

I honestly have no idea when it comes to marathon running, and especially trying to complete Dopey along with my first full, I want to make sure that I can come out the other side injury free.

Right now while I’m running these 5x 3 minute run/1 minute walk sessions I’m consistently thinking about how in a couple of months, I’ll be laughing at how much I’m struggling at the beginning. I’m not only working on building the calf muscles in my legs to avoid fatigue but I’m also working on my fitness – 4 months off will make you completely out of shape!!

I know there’s a long road ahead until January 2016 (including an awesome stop at the Disneyland Half Marathon), but it’s going to be an exciting and uber hard one.

One more thing: Stay tuned for more exciting news when it comes to January races and a potential Coast to Coast attempt!

Who else is registering for the WDW Marathon weekend? 







2 thoughts on “Signing up to a marathon in Marathon Month..

  1. Congrats on your decision! I’ve been dying to sign up for a full (and seriously had to hold myself back from signing up for the Philly Marathon in November) but my goal is to get stronger and faster with my half marathons first. I’m hoping to do one in 2016. Good luck with your training!


    1. Thanks! That’s awesome that you are planning on getting stronger and faster for the half! I’m sure you’ll smash the full in 2016!


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