It’s runDisney registration month!


Happy crazy runDisney registration month! I’m a bundle of nerves and excitement as I contemplate trying to get a Dopey bib…

Obviously this month there’s two events going up for registration – the Avengers Half Marathon Weekend and the much anticipated WDW Marathon Weekend (YAY!). On top of that there’s a whole heap of challenges going up for grabs – with the new Infinity Gauntlet Challenge created for the Avengers weekend and the standard (can we even call them that) Goofy and Dopey craziness.

The team over at runDisney surprised us all a couple of weeks ago by announcing the newly created November challenge, as well as the Captain America 10K event  – officially making it 7 challenges during the year that you can participate in.

With the creation of more and more challenges, and the increased fear of missing out, are we now reducing distances that on their own should be respected, to something smaller thanks to the extreme aspect? On any other weekend would you hear someone say that they are JUST running the half or even the full?

For me, the plan is to run both the WDW Marathon Weekend and then follow it up with the Star Wars Weekend to earn my Coast to Coast in January. Yes, I will be running Dopey as my first full, and I’m aware of the differences between running a half and a full – but I’ve got a whole lot of time to train up and get myself prepared. I’m going to be smart about it. For me, it’s about finishing those crazy kilometres above anything else. I previously didn’t think that I could go the full distance, but if I’m going for it, I may as well do it somewhere fun right??

But even before thinking about starting to train, it’s a big ask to try and get into these two runDisney events. It can be done but registration time is prone to panic attacks and crazy anxiety. On top of that, being a WDW newbie is giving me a whole lot of other things to freak out about, such as trying to find the best place to stay on-site. I have been reading up on ALL the info I can get, including a whole lot of other people’s race recaps to get a perspective on what will make the weekend easier for someone who hasn’t done a race of that size (both runner-wise and distance-wise) – 3am busses to the starting line, Magic Band, PhotoPass+, FP+; it seems like a whole other world!!!

On another note I’m absolutely loving these “Race you to the castle” badges from the Parkbound Etsy store. AND since I’m planning on running Disneyland this year (and next year too…) plus WDW in 2016, I’m going to buy them both!!

The Avenger’s Half Marathon Weekend goes on public sale April 7 (April 8 AU time), the WDW Marathon Weekend goes on public sale April 28 (April 29 AU time), more details can be found at runDisney

Are you planning to register for either the Avenger’s Half Marathon Weekend and/or the WDW Marathon Weekend? 


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