Review: Janji Peru Cowlneck Sweatshirt


Disclaimer: I am a member of the Janji Corps Ambassador program, which means I get to tell you all the awesome stuff that Janji is doing. While there are benefits from being an ambassador including a discount, I do purchase the clothing myself and all opinions and words are of course my own. 

With the launch of the Janji Spring line, the first goodie to be released on the women’s line was the Peru Cowlneck Sweatshirt. I’ll get into more detail about the product itself, but let’s take note that this sweatshirt provides clean water to a person in Peru.

Water is certainly something that we take for granted, and given it’s been International Water Day – we need to focus on not only making sure this resource is around for the long haul, but that fresh and clean water is available to everyone.

Now, onto the clothing. Seriously, the minute that I opened the package I knew that I would fall in love with this sweatshirt. True to Janji’s fashion, the material is the softest, most wearable fabric they could find. The sweatshirt entices you to put it on, even on a 27 degree (Celsius) day. I happily obliged, and I didn’t want to take it off.

One thing to note is that the team at Janji have really listened to feedback from their last collection. You may have recalled that the sizing was on the smaller side. In this collection, it’s true to size – I went for a size L (I’m a 14AU/10US) to allow for some bagginess. What can I say, I like room in my clothes! The M would have also fit, but would have been a tighter fit. Really, it comes down to your preference.


The term cowlneck can generally range from something slight, to something that has material draping around your neck like curtains. Never fear, the Janji sweatshirt has a great cowlneck – it’s not too drapey and sits perfectly around the neck. There is the colour contrast with the drawstring against the heather grey, complete with red finish at the end.

wpid-wp-1427104122368.jpegYou know what is better than an awesome cowlneck? An awesome cowlneck with sleeves that have thumbholes! YES!! I’ve discovered the beauty of thumbholes in sweatshirts thanks to obtaining other branded sweatshirts from Canada. Thumbholes aren’t really a thing over here in Australia (they may be on the odd clothing item), but they are amazing when it comes to Winter! Note to everyone: MORE THUMBHOLES! Additionally, the sleeves are the perfect length- not too long, not too short and are extremely comfortable around the wrists.


Since this is primarily a running sweatshirt, there is an adequate pocket to hold a minimal amount of gear. This will fit an iPod, your ID, some nutrition and your keys. The internal pocket does wrap around the left, so you won’t feel weighed down.


Finally at the back is the Janji logo complete with reflective detail – which helps when running the roads when the sun is down earlier thanks to the incoming winter.


First impressions were correct, this item is amazing and absolutely comfy. This is my new favourite and I’m so thankful that we are going into the cooler weather which means I’m probably going to wear it to death. This is a great piece to wear while running and on social occasions so you may come to the realisation (like me) that you need more than one!

Janji have really upped the ante with the release of the sweatshirt as the start of their collection, the items are cool and classy, as well as keeping with the Janji mantra of run for another.

Be sure to keep your eyes out each Wednesday at midday US time (early Thursday AU time) to see what’s being released next on the Janji website. Each product in the new collection is unique to each region where water is needed with patterns, colours and designs. Be sure to act quick since some items sell out!


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