I don’t think that you can really tell from the above photo but I am BEYOND frustrated with my progress in making my comeback.. I know I’ve got to take it easy, which I am and also follow what my physio says (which I am too) but for someone who pre-September had an “easy” run of 5K, just running over 2K (actually run/walking 2K) is sending me bonkers!

I’ve been on a “comeback” plan for the last month and a bit – running initially 2-3 times max a week, which has then been reduced to 2 runs a week – concentrating on heel raises during the “off” days. So the plan starts with 3 reps of 1 min run/1 min walk in between a 5 minute walk warm up and a 5 min walk cool down. The plan is that the as I conquer a run of reps to move up – or as I was set back thanks to some sneaky shin pain – conquer 2 sets of the same rep run before moving up.

I honestly didn’t anticipate feeling like this, when I was finally given the ok to run I thought all my troubles would subside but instead, they’ve certainly intensified. I want to go out running ALL THE TIME. I want to get better, but I want to start getting somewhere. I want to start piling on the distance and getting back into the running groove.

I know that I still have a good amount of time to get up and at them and prepare for the 21 and a bit miles I’m hoping to run at Disneyland in September, but right now it seems like a crazy and unattainable goal.

So while I battle my mind with this frustration, I’m going to look at ramping up the cross-training in hope that my legs get stronger, and to reduce any calf fatigue I may experience as I increase the reps (and eventually time). I know it’s not forever, and I’m sure when I’m out pounding the pavement with ease at the end of the year, this battle will be a distant memory!

If anyone has any tips on how to combat this frustration – please let me know!! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Frustrated…

  1. Cross training an resistance training (if you can) will help a ton! I know it’s frustrating (I’m also off of all exercise right now due to surgery), but the longer you take to heal the better off you will be as opposed to jumping back in too soon.


  2. Girl, I totally feel you right now. I’ve been trying to do things for my training that aren’t routine to help with the frustration. For the pains you’re experiencing, have you tried going to a different doctor? A second opinion type thing?
    Hang in there! I hope it all gets better soon!

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    1. Thanks Sarah! I’ve seen multiple people about this and was even told that maybe I shouldn’t be running anymore! I know it’s going to get better and these things take time but I guess it’s just that I know I can run long distances, but physically I am not meant to yet until it feels right!


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