I’ve joined the Janji Corps!

Print   I’m super happy to announce that I’m a Janji Corps Ambassador! Janji is an amazing clothing company that was created by Mike & Dave which helps provide water to those who need it most, in countries such as Haiti, Peru, Tanzania, Rwanda and the US; when you purchase their running gear. Janji wants to create a global nation of runners who run for another. If you can’t tell, I’m such a big fan of Janji! Apart from the awesome work they are doing globally, their clothes are amazing. I’ve reviewed their shorts in a previous post but in a nutshell, the fabric is super soft which meant they quickly became my new favourite running shorts. wpid-img_20150129_201706.jpg And what’s even more exciting is that Janji has an upcoming new collection releasing in early March!! A sneak peek of the Spring collection has been released and not only am I counting down the days, but I’m already replaying the video so I can create shopping wish lists for the new gear!

Don’t forget to check runjanji.com next week for the start of the release, and watch this space for more Janji news and reviews as the year rolls on!

UPDATE: Janji will be releasing 1 new product (from both the male & female collections) on Wednesday at noon EST each week until July. Keep your eyes posted for some awesome product!


4 thoughts on “I’ve joined the Janji Corps!

    1. Thanks Farrah! Janji is definitely a great company, helping to provide water all over the world. It’s a plus that they’re clothes are pretty awesome too!

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