Back to running……..

wpid-wp-1424578242251.jpeg Three weeks ago I was over the moon as my physiotherapist mentioned that I was able to start running again…. YES!!!! After weeks and weeks of time off the road, refocusing on improving my strike so that I don’t land on my heels, strengthening my calves and also ensuring my forefoot was relaxed and less tense; I was so eager to get out there and see what I could do!

One thing to note is that it is crazy frustrating to start all over again! Times where it is a struggle to get through 1K make me wonder whether I can really run an additional 41K by the time January comes around again. I know that I have plenty of time to get out there, but that goal just seems so far away!

Right now I’m on a stop/start plan. When my shins hurt, I stop. When they are ok – I start up again, but drop back to the last level that I successfully completed. The levels currently are: 5 min walk warm-up, then 1 min run/1 min walk (increasing 1 rep for every run) and finally a 5 min walk cool-down. I’m only allowed to run 2-3 times a week currently and have to complete in my Altra Zero-drop shoes.

My first run was in the rain. I didn’t care, I was out and I swear people must have thought I was crazy as I couldn’t stop laughing. The first day that I could run, no weather was going to stop me! I made sure to keep checking the time as I was eager to see if I was maintaining the 16min mile pace that’s required for the runDisney races. If this was me at my worst, I needed reassurance that I was still under that mark so I could run/walk/shuffle through the castle in September no matter what! For my first run I made it a mile in 15:45. That’s 15 seconds under, phew!!

As I increased the rep by one the next run, the shins started getting irritated. So down I went back to a 3 rep run later that week. Eventually I’ve managed to get to 6 reps, with a comeback mile PR of 13:20. Still outside my usual but I’ve got to take it slow right?

I’ve had some irritation of the shins as I’ve increased my running. I’m not sure if it’s because I have gone out a little too fast on some of the run time periods, or maybe it’s that I’m catching myself taking strides that are way too big. Whatever it is, I’m on rest again and focusing on strengthening those calves! Good thing that my Addaday roller showed up last week!

For the positive my running style has improved greatly! I’m now longer landing hard and creating stress on my legs, I’m so much lighter and it feels like I can go faster with ease.

I know that when it comes to September and I’m lining up for the Disneyland Half, the pain and frustration will be a distant memory….. I just hope everything is A-OK on the way there!


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