Happy #BRFVDay!



Wishing everyone an awesome #BRFVDay on Saturday!

Get out there and run your heart out!!

While there’s no long runs for me this weekend, I will be volunteering out at Parkrun on Saturday morning and then also volunteering at the first Aussie Spartan Sprint event out at the Stadium Australia (the Olympic Stadium) on Sunday. I’m super excited for my first Spartan experience, and I really don’t know what to expect!

It’s so awesome that it’s #BRFVDay in the same month as my runniversary (2 years this year – woot woot!!!!). In the spirit of all things BRF, I’ve made some AWESOME best running friends through twitter (and connecting with other runners through chats like #bibchat and #runchat) and by the BibRave Pro Ambassador program. Some of these awesome folk I’ve been lucky to meet at the Disneyland Half last year (and hope to meet many more this year!).  I love following everyone’s journey – it certainly inspires me to get out there and give it my all, especially coming back from injury. In fact, I’ve been so inspired that while some of my awesome BibRave Pros were completing their first marathons, I made the decision that I needed to tackle the distance that I had previously been terrified of. Yep, I was going to stop at the half! Look at me now (well, maybe not right now in all my 2k glory, but look at the hopes and dreams that I have)!!!

So besties, this one is for you! Have a fantastic day!!



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